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don't misunderstand me, I'm in the same boat

I'm also currently gathering exotic xenos and a few blackstone fortress tiles to set up a weird skirmish game with my slann and my friend's imperials
>duo of zoats (rogue trader era with cannon and blackstone fortress)
>trio of saharduins
>dayek grekh on knarloc
>spindle drones swarm
>lesser tyranid infestation

if this book shines some interesting lights on other xenos like the hrud I might end up converting one to look like the rogue trader artwork, there's an old chaos lord that is an almost 1:1 sculpt

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>Skaven in 40k were Hrud, dirty scavengers, living under humans etc and early models looked like skaven then Hrud got rectoned into time distorting horrors.
Common misconception

The Hrud, although not named, were introduced as unknown xenos in the first edition, just one of Jes Goodwin's concepts.
Skaven were also mentioned in the 1st edition, and were supposed to be released at the end of the 2nd edition.

However, Kirby became CEO and squats were squatted, so GW considered merging both concepts under the name "Hrud" but never committed to it. The eldar codex alluded to them being eldritch horrors, an inquisitor magazine article suggested making them look like rats, but we never got the final word.

Then in the 4th edition GW dropped the idea of releasing skaven altogether and the Hrud defaulted back to being weird space critters as they were originally meant to be.

However, as years went on, Jes Goodwin's concept worked its way into a number of different miniatures, and the current skitarii range is the most fully realized version of that idea.

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>IMHO they're too small.
your opinion is wrong, they're not supposed to be visibly superhuman

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>this is a niche that absolutely could have been filled by space skaven though
skaven are inherently chaos-aligned and incapable of interesting interactions

hruds are not, so you can imagine them living in relative peace or working with fringe individuals like rogue traders on top of their occasional aggressive migrations

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>Hrud were originally Space Skaven
no, they weren't
the only thing we knew about hrud is that they were hooded alienlets with gasmasks and a tail
and possibly 6 fingers per hand

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the hrud were never skaven-like, they simply have a tail, at best
also hrud are creations of the old ones, skaven aren't

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