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>the one side that says "assassinate"

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>donut steel-tier character in one
>ANOTHER balloon-headed disgraced noble girl in the other

are you really missing much?

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Jesus Christ, all those ETB activations.

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It's nothing special, but notorious in that GM, as far as i know, doesn't visit /tg/

>Roll20 game
>GM describes elves in the setting as "young-looking and universally attractive"
>oh boy here goes the elf wank-
>"Furthermore they have been enslaved by humans for so long that they had their disobedience bred out"
>pic related
>"Elves are a servile race now, eager to please their masters"
>[pic related intensifies]
>GM then encourages us to take elf slaves (wat do)
>this is not what i signed up for
>The one elf slave (wat do) taken by a character acts to him like a stereotypica anime waifu
>leave the game
>close the tab
>die a little more inside

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>yfw your players drink the water AND breathe the air

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>when you go from a game that moves at a lightning fast pace to one that's a complete and total crawl

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>Sprite x Giant

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jesus this thread got autistic, even by /5eg/ standards

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Since it's been a bit and I've heard nothing, I'm just gonna pick my personal favourite. Who's ready to hear about how the party beat the shit out of a whole gang of orcs, made a big ol- antimagic field and learned that the main villain is, in fact, fast as fuck.
>The party have tracked down the villain to a mansion on the outskirts of town, where she and her orc underlings have been gathering loot
>They're aware she can teleport
>So they decide that the best course of action is to cover the entire mansion in an antimagic field
>unfortunately, the only paladin in the party is level 3
>And then the party remembered that their handler was a paladin, who based on what they'd seen was most likely near-epic level
>So they came up with a plan
>Their boss would write up a modified version of the standard antimagic field spell that could cover a larger area, and the kobold would go with her to pick up some materials
>Two days, 30 pounds of iron powder and a very confused blacksmith later
>It's time
>Josuke, Rincewind and the elf's players are unavailable
>this is fine.jpg
>the remaining two players and their handler roll into this mansion after casting this fucking ridiculous antimagic field
>the tiefling remembers she can't cast normal magic anymore
>but that's okay, because she has a sword
>and 9 strength

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Rolled 8, 3 + 4 = 15 (2d10 + 4)

Well if we're going to roll random shit anyway, I think I'll roll for a joke character I was toying around with for an NPC list. A female Kyton-spawn tiefling rogue, 19 Con, 16 Cha, 7 Int , and 5 Wis
Also, Alternative Physical Feature #83

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>boybutts are better

Suddenly I'm very worried

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>try to keep backstory blurb brief
>shit explodes into a 3-4 big blocky paragraphs
>every time I trim shit out it just bloats back up

Fuck, this is why I hate trying to expand on characters beyond bulletpoints before a game actually gets going.

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>Honestly, I want to leave the game entirely, but I love my character so much and I don't have another group to play with.

I know that feel, but even at its worst my group doesn't sound nearly as bad as that, and it's gotten way, WAY better recently. I want to tell you to just hold out and see how the next incident goes before making a final call, but I just don't know. We have too many anons with shitty groups, it makes me wish I had the time to try to round them all up, get my shit together and learn to GM, and give them the game(s) they deserve.
I also know that feel of having the only male PC in the party, and had a lot of awkward sessions. One party member still slips up IC and calls mine a woman, but that's more of a running gag than actual teasing at this point.

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>this book will probably be cannibalized by other products

Hopefully some of those products come out soon, especially with a particular group of feats. you know the one.
>mfw I will probably have to rewrite whole sections of my guide again

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I... guess that's fair?

>mfw all those (you)'s
I seem to have vastly underestimated how freakish this scenario is. I think I might just make her daughteru #2, at least for now.

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>Genderswap is worth maybe a chuckle or three before figuring out how to fix it

I wish my group thought like you.

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Why would you want more?

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Well, that was one of the few things I actually got to do with him, since it was a oneshot, but yes. That's the kind of person I played. He was supposed to be an asshole teenager and an example of "this is what happens when you let a wizard raise an orphan".

>That's kind of hot, not gonna lie.
>mfw every time I try to make my character be a terrible person, people wind up just liking them more

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>mfw realizing the implications of an enchantment sorcerer
>mfw realizing why other players kept trying to ERP with me

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>the first time I saw this I almost vomited in my mouth
>somehow I can actually tolerate it and think "yea, I could probably deal with that if it somehow ended up in my game"
>mfw realizing something is horribly wrong with me

I think something inside me finally snapped, /pfg/

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>friend who wants to run a low magic game finally gets talked down from wanting to use the more retarded optional rules (limited casting, spellblights everywhere, those overcomplicated spell component rules)
>accepts the idea that limiting it to some of the 6th level casters instead is probably a safer bet, as well as banning a few spells here and there
is already looking to refluff most of the "mandatory magic gear" into inherent bonuses and/or "mundane" gear
>they still think a "casting from hitpoints" mechanic like burn is a perfectly reasonable thing, and that they can fix fighters without just making an entirely new class

Sometimes I worry about how dense some people are

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>mfw a new player wanted to play a pony
>mfw it only got vetoed because we were partway through a paizo AP and the GM didn't want to do the work to make them fit
>mfw they switch to Dhampir because it's "the closest thing to a playable vampire"

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