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>group mentions that we should do an in-character cosplay session
>everyone is onboard and wants to get good costumes of their characters, some already working on it
>be me, a guy
>playing a woman
>who is also a dragonborn
>say that would be awkward
>group reckons I should commit to the bit and get a full on scale suit with big tits and everything
>"Hahahah, ok, that's a good one guys!"
>one of them speaks up
>"You should totally do it though, I can point you in the right direction to get started!"
>mfw they're serious
Fuck. Now what?

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>Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl has been fervently continuing his quest to outfit the Primaris Space Marines with the best weapons, armour, and war machines in the galaxy.

Hey Cawl. How about you stop choking on Primeris dick for a second and help your own people out a little? You're handing out repulsors to Mehreens like it's candy while the Adeptus Mechanicus is left with it's dick in it's hand fucking around with Ionized plasma cushions. What's the point of AdMech hoarding all the good advanced tech for ourselves when we'll just give it to blueberries and leave our own equipment outdated and inferior? Why are you such a goddamn disappointment Archmagos and you better sleep with one eye open at night because I'm sure half of Mars is ready to shank your traitor ass.

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This fuels the imagination quite a bit.

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Every format is dominated by 2019-20 valuepiles to the point of them being unplayable
A lot of eternal format decks consist of ~40% 2019-20 cards
Massive powercreep happening
Standard/Modern/Legacy massively suck nowadays (ok that's subjective)
WotC is shitting out a million products a year and save on actually playtesting these cards
Getting cards is roulette because of wotc massively retarded arbitrary bans
To Wotc virtue signalling and being "inviting" are more important than gameplay and balance
Story is horrible and at times isn't even comprehensible from just reading the cards (seriously, what happened in theros other than "Underworld opens and returned come back with their memories", what happens in eldrain other than "King gets 3/3 elk'd, then gets better and thats that?")
NuFoils are pringles and card stock quality varies massively (seriously, half the time people order 3 rares from the same set from me I'm afraid they'll call them fakes because different booster boxes apparently have visibly different colouring now)
The sheer impudence of wotc for even daring to do something like the fetch SL and selling cards directly to the customer for secondary market prices
Leakanon's (?) vague threat that if we think it's bad now, we'll be shocked what the future brings

Really, the only reason to keep playing is because /mmg/ threads always were fun.

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Oh no.

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Typical that this would drop right after I go to bed.

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How about you git gud in limited the old fashioned way? You know, actually reading the cards before drafting and estimating how good they are?

Arena truly is HS levels of player competence. Everyone is using tools that tell them which the best picks are, I assume not even half the players playing the ikoria drafts now have actually even seen all the cards in the set and now want to be fed all the information without doing anything.

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Make them as edgy as you feel comfortable with. Then make them slightly more edgy than that.

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Remember when we didn't have emergency bans of new broken cards after every set?

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Ok /tg/ I got a plan for my group that I'm DMing

Picture the party We'll go by them with a shorthand letters:
V - Goliath warlock
O - Changeling warlock
S - Tiefling warlock
H - Human Paladin
A - Dwarf Cleric
F - Human Fighter
D - Half elf rouge

There two others, but one hasn't played for a while for real life reasons and the other has only been in the last session, so they're out of the loop. The whole idea for the campaign was to have a sort of monster hunter styled game where the players would hunt big/exotic game for a town while helping out on travels. Nothing too major in terms of plot hooks, see how they play. Then two of the warlocks, O and S, decided to fuck with the town, impersonating people, forging documents, attempted theft + murder, you know, derailing stuff. After a while I ended up derailing my own campaign by giving them hard drugs to sell (posted it here before).

Now they've hooked up with a different town's thieve's guild to get payment but during this time the drug runners caught wind of where their buddies where being held - the town the party tried to fuck with. Long story short I've planned out a way to get them to hate the drug lords for stealing their idea. And I intend to make their patrons/gods angry at them for letting it happen.

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that sounds like the opposite of a problem anon

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This is Dark Eldar.

You do not ask "why?".

You ask "why not?".

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>some madman invents gunpowder
>soft iron musketballs rip through all magical protections

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>be DM of a group of 7 other players
>just sort of making the story as we go along
>party gets some sacks of spice, only one is actually spice
>2 of the others are cocaine and weed
>mfw mid sentence I know they're just going to sell this 30lb of coke for a massive profit and totally derail the campaign
>mfw that indeed happens
>They've now bought a 5K GP fort that they have to clear out
>They're all LV 4
Any tips for making interesting encounters for low level guys with expensive gear? Campaign theme is sort of going for a "monster hunting" vibe instead of only saving people or some shit since half of them are evil/chaotic. Also tips for any cartel themed ideas to explain the sudden drug boom?

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Is that spray on gravy!?

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Tell me about the most insane Shit that ever happened, be it fucked up, deranged or just fucking surprising. I am talking "Madame Tricellas Travelling Loli Brothel" amount of absurdity here.

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>Everything can be a dildo, if your brave enough
Thats the Spirit!

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Even the male ones?

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I know it is.


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So my next stop is Big Brother: Fiction Friction.

I’m looking to fill the house with beings that will cause maximum hilarity for the “audience” and lots of misery for me. Because my Benefactor likes to throw me curve balls, I won’t know until later that each of my roomies will remember what goes on here when we meet again. I’m going to be trading stories with them, so I expect that they’ll have a pretty solid read on me by the end of the show.

At this point in my chain I’ve started all but the first Jump with 0 Points, so what powers I’ve gained have been paid for with varying levels of pain, annoyance, and terror. Also, the “me” that’s Jumping is from 2013, and because of that the vast majority of Jumps are places I have no working knowledge of.

Make it a good show.
Make me suffer.

Contestant Archetypes:

The Cloudcuckoolander -
The Queen -
The Flirt / The Model -
The Parent -
The Alpha -
The Heartthrob -
The Rocker -
The Jester -
The Jock -
The Elder -
The Faithful -
The Nerd -
The Gay -
The Mouse -
The Warrior -
The Cowboy / The Southern Belle -

Places out of competition:
Fire Emblem
Super Mario
Street Fighter
Mass Effect

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Mostly it'll be limited use but you get to get use 3-5 of them at a time at 20th level but anon this is the SHIFTER! A SHAPESHIFTER! LETS GET WILD!

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Not again.

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