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Nah, they're a red herring.
Carthaginians are the real problem. Do you really believe that those Moloch worshipping merchants would just give up because their city got salted?

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Does this count?

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this was LAST years tax refund check I got for being lazy and doing my taxes in october. And no. I'm a fucking terrible painter

>my armies were unpainted 20 years ago
>the new ones will remain so until I find someone to paint them for me for cheap.

My hands are shaky as SHIT. Building them is one thing. Painting them is right the fuck out the window unfortunately.

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>burn this city to the ground and salt the soil after the ashes are cooled

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I now run scorpions in ten man squads as lategame character snipers and/or asurman bubbles in order to capitalize on their new exarch ability that does MW's at the start of combat for each man in the squad.

>this is still gimmicky
>they still have zero way of ensuring their deepstrike charges hit home
>are still overpriced for how hilariously squishy they are.

no fellow aeldari anon. scorps are still a joke.
feels bad man.

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>Who cares about the indigenous? The elite's taking it in and they're the ones dictating policy.
The Latins made Rome great. They subjugated the Etruscans and the Greeks. They defeated Carthage. It was not the peoples of syria who gave their blood and honor for the betterment of Rome, yet they were welcomed as citizens. This fundamental betrayal demonstrates how the governing elites of any empire are all too willing to accept short term gains which prop up their immediate reign in lieu of the long term cultivation of those people who propelled them to their lofty heights.
Of course, even if the emperors had exterminated the conquered populations in order to provide homesteads for their soldiers, this would fail to prolong the empire. However such a policy would have the baked in advantage of ensuring that when the empire collapsed its pieces would each be thoroughly descended from the mother civilization.

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FoW was better than that. But then again I'm thinking of the scene seven years ago or so...

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I would rather have a fag in my group than a roastie.
In fact I generally get on well with the faggots, because they normally know how to play the fucking game. Roasties are always irredeemably shit.

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just got some Norman infantry from conquest games, did I make a mistake, probably should have asked here first looking back.

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>that Guardsman looking at the camera

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Even that when Moot was in charge werent people asking for a Quest board.

and even further down the line remember that other /tg/ on infinity chan? The entire selling point of that board was its strict "NO QUESTS" rule already in place.

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Actually let me rephrase the question, does anyone have any book suggestions for learning about ancient Greece any time frame is good leading up to roman conquest. I wanna learn about the aetolgical origins , rise of city states the various league wars, colonies, etc
Also Napoleonic wars someone once suggested some soldiers memoirs but i forget the title

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Where do you think we are?
A place where peace and tranquility are celebrated?





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>Roman gladiator with a claymore

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Thanks dude. I just love the armor manual drawing(s).

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Sure. First things first, it's definitely not for everyone. You'll want at least one friend whom you know's gonna get into it.

It's a point-to-point, Grand Strategy board game, with ┬┤scenarios ranging from really short 2-player scenarios, to the abovementioned 15+ hour weekend project. It has a BIG focus on military campaigning, and what you'll be doing most of the time are sneaky moves allowing you to expand or block your opponents' expansion. You also build towns and cities, manage your economy, and try to keep your country stable.

The 4 factions all use the same mechanics, but their positions are assymetrical. Rome has powerful legions but no navy, no cavalry, and do not start with control of southern Italy. Carthage has a powerful fleet and many provinces, but have a hard limit on how many heavy troops they can field. Greece has lots of provinces, both in Asia Minor and Italy, but are incredibly unstable. The East starts with a huge army ready to sweep through Asia Minor, but will inevitably be plagued by unrest from the other successors (and if playing the Ultra-historical scenario, they do not control Egypt).

And then there are the events. Oh boy. You can either play with event markers (so you have 2 events per game turn) or with event cards (which IMO are far superior, but take a long time), but no matter what they'll probably be incredibly unfair. Rebellions, successor wars, barbarian invasions, and it is very possible for someone to be unfairly hit by a majority of them. But if you're not turned off by this, you'll notice that a lot of care has been put into their design. All the barbarian peoples have different invasion mechanics, all the areas have different rebellion mechanics, and Pontus can enter the fray, becoming its own micro-nation.


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>Dude, that's all over the place, and doesn't really know what it wants to do.

But it isn't, that's not an argument. There's no reason not to have a shitload of options, and my example would allow much greater customization in a game all about Your Dudes. People like choices, and sure, there will be some options that rise to the top as the most optimal. That already happens anyway. There's no reason why GW couldn't easily represent a shitload of different options in each entry, it's just lines of text that *should* be playtested with quite a bit of mathhammer and of course actually playing test games for context. An analogy from the Elder Scrolls series: Morrowind has many options and is considered one of the best RPGs of all time despite some dead options and wonky stuff but that's not the point, it allows choice. Choice is fun. Skyrim by comparison is casualized for 13 year olds, if you think this sort of "streamlining" is good then we will just have to fundamentally disagree. I want Dwarf Fortress 40k, you want Candy Crush 40k.

I really hate the "you couldn't fit it all in" meme because I can easily come up with a vast array of choices that would require mere lines of text but greatly alter how units work in fun, fluffy ways:

basic MEQ CSM entry, unit types:
>recent renegades, veterans of the long war, cult troops, various different non-legion factions like "violators chaos marine" or "the flawless host noise marine", chosen in artificer armor, flamer-specialized havocs, lascannon-specialized havocs, etc.

>recent renegade bikers, bikers of the long war, cult troop bikers, specialized bikers like "red corsairs melta ambush team", HQ escort specific bikers like "retinue of witches", etc.

There's plenty of cool stuff to dig up in the lore, you could have 20+ different unit types for each model type and cover everything everybody could want from the chaos space marines lore. So why not do it?

>muh streamline

No, kys.

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>Tactical AVE.

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Tell me about Carthage guys.

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>>drawthread moves at 3 threads per day
The closest too that we have had recently is yesterday with the previous thread being made at 7AM pacific standard time and the thread we are currently in being made at 11:25 PM

Yes it is annoying to switch threads every day but bitching and moaning about it speeds up the death, don't be an angry little barbarian

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yea pretty much.

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