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It's directly from the Hyperdimension Neptunia jump itself.
>Deity of Sin (600): Where a CPU draws her power from Faith, you draw yours from Sin. The more people lust and desire, the stronger you grow. As people steal and allow the greed in their hearts to overtake their common sense, and as they cast down order in favor of chaos, your strength rises until you are no less than a god. Further, you can spend sin in the same way that Goddesses spend Shares in order to learn how to recreate any device that lies before you. The more complex the device, the more sin you’ll have to spend.
...I think she might actually work to empower me too, but at what cost...

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Pic related.

And Compa's hilariously adorable as well!

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If you do, I suggest Rebirth 2 --> Victory (the one this happens in) --> V2. 1, 2, and Rebirth 1 can come first if you want to get some of the jokes, but 1 and Rebirth 1 are both in a dfiferent dimension and have no effect on the plot, and Rebirth 2 is a remake of rebirth 1.

Also, pic relevant.

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Hey blorp, do we acctually have electricity on Hyperdimension? It seems like something we could need.
>pic maybe related?

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