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"Everyone is sweet!" I push Julie off of us. "You, Mom, Me, Kaori, Haruko, even the kids from Fortune. Everyone! Just accept it."

"But there can only be one sweetEST!" Julie persists.

Haruko is glaring at me.
Why are you acting like this is my fault?! Because it isn't!

I look over toward the clown, she's laughing at me.

Oh, no no no. You do NOT get to laugh at my expense here!

"(Psst, Clown! Show us a magic trick!)"
"(Do something!)"


She stands up, seeming somewhat awkward.
With one of her hands, she places it against the palm of her other with her thumb extended.
Then, she pulls the other hand away! It's like she just pulled her thumb off.

"Oh I've seen that trick before." Julie sighs.
"Same here." Haruko crosses her arms.

"Oh, well I guess you can have this then, I don't really need it."

Naturally, she shrieks and falls backwards. Haruko falls to her knees and clamps her head between her hands.

"Hahahahah!" The clown laughs with glee. The 'severed' finger hits the ground and puffs into smoke.
What an awful person.

"Okay, that's enough." Mom picks the clown up. "We're going home, and you're getting another bath. How do you smell so bad again?"
"I smell fine!"

"Hey, is that another one of your tricks?" Haruko seems confused.

"Which one?"

"That glowing door."

We turn around, and are confronted with a glowing blue door suspended in mid-air.

Maybe if I don't look at it, I can just go home and worry about it later.

>Thread Pause

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"So," I adjust my voice, "what about the building, then? When I shrinked it, it was like a big angry block of animated steel. What's the deal with that? Doesn't Asai have control over it?"

I don't understand why, but the clown is leaning in closer to me. Yuck! I can smell the trash on her still!
"This is kind of a secret, so don't tell him that I told you, okay?"

I don't know if she's joking or not, especially considering that Asai is in my pocket and there's no one else in this parking lot.

"He doesn't really control the building. It's more like it's a part of him." She leans back. "He told me this when I asked him why he didn't just use cards and fight you himself. It's because he'd have to find a way to make the building use the same card, too. Which is why he only used a select few cards that he could apply to himself and the building."

"Is that where..." My mind clicks, "You came in? Could you use magic cards, too?"
"I tried." She sighs, "But I'm just not made of the right stuff. If I was, I would have probably used it to get in trouble."

>So are you saying he's definitely not human?
>So are you saying this "Asai" is two parts, the building and the person-shaped thing?
>Why does he have a person-shaped part of him?
>Is that person-shaped part of him human?
>This is silly, are you pulling my leg?

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"Wait, Julie and Kaori!" I jump from my chair. "I forgot! I left them in the parking lot of Fortune HQ!"

"You WHAT!?" Mom seems upset, now. "How could you forget about your sister like that!?"

"Wait! I had a good reason! Julie can't fly!"
"That's not a good reason at all!"

Another voice suddenly squeaks with anticipation and fear.
"You're not going to run away and leave me here again, are you!?" The crying girl balls a tissue in her hands.

"Nope! in fact! Masami was just about to let you out!"
"Wait! Mom! Let's talk about this!"

"Yes! She's dangerous!"

Mom crosses her arms.
"She's not staying here to suffer, that's final!"


"But what if-"
"No. Let her out."

>Secretly imprison her elsewhere so Mom doesn't know
>L-let her our, time-out is over.
>Haruko! Back me up on this!
>You do it.

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"Listen!" I slap my hands on the table. "Asai has been using you as a tool! You haven't even had a proper childhood! Don't you want to know what the life that has been taken from you is like?"

She grins, "Unlike YOU, I am perfectly content with my place in life that has been given to me. I am purpose, and I'm very good at it."
"And I'm saying!" My voice raises even louder, "That you don't NEED to be given a place in life! You aren't a tool to be used and thrown away by Asai!"

"What was that? I'm not listening." She's grinning, kicking the imaginary table with her feet. "La la la la la la la la~"

I want to punch her, but in this strange other-world house, I'm not sure how much good it would do.

>"Why can't you be reasonable!?"
>"If you help me.. I'll give you sweets!"
>"Don't you want to have a family?"
>"You don't think Asai thinks of you as family, do you!?"
>"You say you're content? I think you're lying! I think you're moments away from cracking but are putting on a strong face!"

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The other world.
This place I call my own.

I feel myself, and one other person enter the house I've made for myself here.
The idea I had to make a welcoming home for Asai to come to, but I'll let this other one join too.

I sit on the living room couch, a small tea set in front of me on the table. That's when I hear a set of footsteps walking from behind me.

A girl, one who looks oddly similar to Julie and Haruko, walks in front of me with an angry and irritated gait. She's wearing a silly hat, with an equally silly outfit.
She flops down on the seat across from me, and gives me a glare that I can almost feel.

She pouts.

>"No, not until you tell me why you're trying to hurt me."
>"I want to know more about you."
>"Why are you working with Asai?"
>"Doesn't he treat you like a tool, too?"
>"What is it that you're 'missing'?"
>"I-I didn't expect this either, this is all new to me."

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