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what about Saboteur? also, in Japanese "Shinobi" means essentially everything a rogue is. it's just got too much culture attached to it for it to be used regularly in other languages.

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>brown dark elf


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Depends on the Strength score of the Rogue. A STR 10, 1st-level Rogue has a 65% chance of hitting a DC 10 "Easy" check assuming training, verses a Commoner, who has a 55% chance. So the 10% thing pans out in that case. For the sake of transparancy, I played a STR 10 rogue in 5e myself.

However, this critique fails to account for a few things. Firstly, a 1st level character is explicitly brand new at adventuring. If human, the rogue is probably somewhere between the ages of 16 and 19 (assuming that starting ages are roughly like those of 3rd edition and earlier, wherein the base age of a rogue was 15+1d4 years) and has literally done NOTHING yet. You haven't been in any battles, except maybe to run away from them. You haven't slain even the weakest kobold. You start with 0 Experience, which means that you haven't done anything to GET experience.

Secondly, a 1st-level rogue may be only marginally better at climbing than a Commoner, but that fails to account for the fact that the rogue is far superior in every single other respect, from armor class to hit points to attack and damage rolls, and so on. Bluntly, there are only so many hours in the day during which you can learn to do a thing, and yet over the same course of time the rogue has become superior to the commoner in most every measurable way. They have been more efficient in their learning curve, basically.

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Eh, it's a taste thing. The 80s has a very washed out look to its colors...or else a Hell of a lot of clashing colors.

Modern art I like also tends to have a somewhat "unfinished" look that I really like.

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Because black skin, white hair, and red eyes is a cooler visual aesthetic.

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>Make character for local FLGS
>drow rogue.
>common Edgy As Fuck character, shitty backstory, ends up trapped in a spiderweb surrounded by enemies, super out of lolths favor
>I get set free by party who's stumbling around underdark
>decide to immediately go on a personal quest of murder, illusions, and Fire for what the DM has "collaborated" with me to make my backstory
>party is pretty ok with this
>even the paladin
>Nobody but the DM has read drizzt
>Nobody WANTS to read drizzt, except the DM who loves it
>I can dual wield weapons and murder other drow and nobody will say anything
Session one:
I need to stress that this is session ONE
>My character ends up decapitated by an ally
>who has a janky vorpal sword+0, rolling a 1, rolling what happens, it hits ally, then who to roll to hit, hits me, then rolling to hit, nat 20, confirm, nat 20 again.
>I fucking die.
>This is my first combat of the campaign, I am level 3, joined the campaign less than 30 minutes ago.
>They don't retcon that shit immediately,
>other party member uses HIS janky magical item, a rod of Resurrection
>that manages to not only glitch and resurrect me wrong so that I'm now permanently scarred around the neck (and could remove it, if I used magic to try) but it breaks the rod.
At this point, I realize that not only is everyone at the table a newbie or such an oldfag (The guy who had the vorpal sword ran tomb of horrors when it came out, for example) that they can't run normal campaigns anymore.
>I decide go full chaotic evil rogue, as memey as fucking possible, because it's entertaining to both me and the newbies, and the old players/DM don't care. Bloodborne characters would weep at the amount of edge I was doing.
>I bartered, stole, pleaded, and killed, and got the ability to not only fly with boots and teleport nearly at-will (not very much) at around level 6.
>I was at that point, the weakest member of the party

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And this is it.

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The only positive to this is that my last/current character is a thief and burglar without equal and can probably get the chain undone in a matter of seconds as long as she has any kind of tool whatsoever.

So at least I won't weigh her down and can just follow in her wake.

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Rolled 5, 3, 1, 6, 5, 6, 6, 5, 1, 3 = 41 (10d6)

>I purposefully excluded the "skilled" class because frankly, either one of them could be "skillful" and doesn't deserve an archetype of it's own.

Fuck you too! Take some sneak attack damage, asshole.

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>Iraedia's Mary sue Score:
>"Very low chance your character is a Mary Sue. Usually a very safe range to be in."
I answered on the More mary sue side, if I was even slightly unsure, too.

>Does your OC give money to beggars?
Nope, but they can earn it easy by answering some questions.
>Does your OC Tip bards?
Yeah, if they don't try to stir up trouble.
>How often does your OC see their family members?
As little as humanly possible. If adopted family, she's essentially a slave, and old family is super murdered, and doesn't have graves.
>What is the name of your OC's favorite tavern, and what is the specialty drink there?
The Black Stalactite. They don't have a specialty drink, more like specialty halluciogenics administered via illithid mind tricks.
Also is a fan of The Web, they're specialty drinks all are called shit like Drowned Dwarf, Hung Halfling, Human Sacrifice, and Gnome Genocide.
>What is a skill your OC is proud of having that is not covered by in-game stats?
Her ability to sniff out rare/magical items. She collects things even if they're not powerful, and has quite a collection at this point.

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Hmm. I see that one touched a nerve.

Actually in honesty it is 3:49 AM where I am, so I do think I'll go to sleep now. Wonder if this thread will be here when I wake up...

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I have a moral quandry, /tg/. An RP-er's moral quandry.

I'm playing D&D 5E in a game that's been a pretty good mix of roleplaying and hack-n'-slash. My character is a Rogue who took the thief kit, and we've reached level 8. We were playing Hoard of the Dragon Queen but have just started Rise of Tiamat.

Now. My Rogue has the following personality notes:
>"The first thing I do in a new place is note where everything valuable is."
>"I will become the greatest thief who ever lived."
>"I'm just maybe a little bit of a massive kleptomaniac."

In addition, she has a Wisdom ("common sense") of 8, notably below human average.

Throughout the campaign so far my character's kleptomaniacal tendencies have come up time and time again, over and over. It's actually gotten our party into jams when she's been unable to resist trying to get treasure that we don't need or has gone off by herself to burglarize places. Still, the flaw has been no worse than the other player characters' flaws, and generally good times have been had by all.

No, the problem is that, due to the vagaries of the campaign, my character currently possesses two Bags of Holding and, thereby, has been put in charge of handling the party's loot and treasure, including making sure everyone receives the correct portion.

This despite, again, the character's kleptomaniacal tendencies being well known about.

So the moral quandry is this.

1) Do I fairly portion out loot amongst my fellow party members, thereby ensuring peace within the party at the cost of how my character *should* be acting; or
2) Do I embezzle as much loot as I think I can get away with each time, thereby roleplaying my character correctly but potentially earning the ire of my fellow players?

Personally, I favor 2. It's their own fault for leaving me in charge of the loot.

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Iliira looked back to the elf. "Definitely not when you're just a child, either," she said. "Look - you're an elf. I'm an elf. I'm not even thirty yet. We're both young, kid. Come back to me in twenty years or something, and if I'm still alive, then sure. I'll apprentice you."

The elf boy had tears in his eyes. "No!" he exclaimed, stomping a foot. "I wanna go with you! I don't wanna live there anymore!" He clenched his fists determinedly. "You can't stop me!"

Alekar crossed his arms. "Can't fault his spirit, drow."

"I really can," Iliira countered. She looked back to her other party members - Sen, a tiefling magician or warlock or something; and a dragonborn ranger who, after months of traveling with the party, still hadn't told anyone his name. "Guys, help me out here."

The dragonborn shrugged. "I've got no stake in this."

"You say that about everything!"

Sen eyed the boy, then shrugged herself. "Don't care either," she said simply, tail flicking.

Iliira sighed, rubbing her eyes. Why was SHE being the voice of reason here? "I don't even know your name - "

"Calahir!" the elf boy said. "And I wanna be an adventurer! I wanna learn how to fight and how to do light stuff on fire and how to do everything you did, miss Iliira! And I don't want to go back to the village!"

"Right now is when your home needs you the most!" Iliira exclaimed, pointing back. The village had probably once been like any other, before the Cult of the Dragon had come to it and ransacked it. Fighting had been fierce, but the Cult had been driven back. "You need to help your family, your mom and dad and - "

The boy froze at that, and Iliira did as well when she noticed it. "Oh, gods..." she breathed. The elf boy turned around and ran, back in the direction of the village.

"...see, and this is why drow are terrible," Alekar said. "You make little kids cry."

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