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Please tell me you're kidding

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>actually go check to see when the golem handbook an anon mentioned will come out
>motherfucking NOVEMBER 2017
>I get to wait until the end of the year before seeing whether paizo can actually validate my horrible choices

At least there will hopefully be done fun (and laughably edgy) stuff in the meantime, like Book of the Damned, Blood of the Coven, Antihero's handbook, and a book I'm sure EVERYONE is hyped for: Blood of the Seas. What shit is everyone else hype for? Besides starfinder, at least.

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By the luck of the gods or devils that rule such things, I have two 18s in my stat array.

I want to play either a bushi vigilante stalker, or a psyarm metaforge.

Any opinions?

>pic related mfw finding this out

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"Jerkass Shaonti Barbarian Girl". That was pretty much it. Any further developments got halted by the player needing to go on hiatus and then not being able to come back.

Meanwhile, unrelated to the above but just related enough to attach
>drop a big ol' social blunder on another PC by accidentally implying people would think they're meant for one another
>the other player is actually as dense as I try to make my PCs be and doesn't get it
>I still don't get to drop a plot-bomb from a thread that's been dangling for months

It's like I'm actually in one of my chinese cartoons

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>priests are the best at healing, mages are the best at damage, and warriors are the best at tanking

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>Silly builds
Here's a gimmick build for an encounter: A total idiot Incanter with no common sense and all her talents and bonus feats poured into Conjuration. She has an ASSLOAD of crippling general drawbacks that give her a ton of spellpoints, but NO WAY TO USE THEM as her only actual spell is "perform long ritual to summon friend". She's guided around by her companions because she serves as their source of power and is a dear friend, but she's completely harmless on her own, and even extremely friendly! Even to things that want to kill her, like those monsters over there, or maybe even the players if they're feeling extra murderhobo-y today.

Her two companions are very exasperated with her, and even though neither of them are particularly bright A whole 10 Int for both they're still smarter and wiser than their "master".

>Fortified Casting and Bound Companion boons
>Draining, Emotional, Focus, Magical Signs, Painful Magic, Rigorous Concentration, Somatic, Strenuous, Verbal Casting Drawbacks
>5 Wis, 7 Int/Str, 18 Dex/Con/Cha
>can't be assed to work on the rest

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>mfw at level 10, nobody in the party manages to consistently break even 40~ DPR without a crit
>mfw I have seen entire turns where 3 people full attack while hasted and only one hit goes through from any of them

"Play a support-based character" I said. "Don't hog the spotlight" I said. "You don't need to always be the damage numbers guy" I said.

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>when you realise the person in control of a dungeon should be called a Don Jon

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>come back from helping grandparents
>see this shit

I don't understand this meme and it's scaring me.

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>mfw combat heavy AP
>mfw nobody in the party has combat as an kind of focus for their character, backstory or build-wise
>mfw party consists of a single father, a disowned noble girl, and a sorcerer who just wanted to research her bloodline

We've been doing pretty well so far, just takes us a little while on account of not always having the ability to nuke shit. Like you said, it's not exactly a terrible party, we just picked things that looked fun instead of playing to the AP itself.

Legendary Games has Asian Archetypes: Martials(?)

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Wait, I was thinking of Kumiho, fuck. That'll teach me to shitpost at 2 AM

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>go to check the thread
>it's Onryouposting time again

god damnit guys, we already did the "spend an entire thread talking about cocksleeving the oni" meme months ago, at least get new content. Alternatively, talk about ANYTHING ELSE.

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>tfw putting off leveling up from last session due to shit happening over the week
>remember I still have to write up an entire character sheet for a cohort for a different game, a 6th level elven Warlock Vigilante
>been putting this off for months, because the game this cohort was for has been on hiatus for a while
>still have yet to even make sure that the stuff from Jolly's books is okayed, since without it I don't really want to touch Warlock
>she's the half-sister to the PC who took leadership

Putting stuff off is a hell of a drug.

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Daughteru is not for corrupting, she is for hugging and protecting

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>go to post FF:CC music
>someone else beats me to it

Damnit, man! I have to look elsewhere now.

Drama on the Trail

Start of the Heroes Journey

A Rest on the Trail

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>Gil cannot have a pure, morally sound relationship
>Even with his own species
>It's bestiality the whole way down
>Hus only hope is either finding a familiar, or getting someone to awaken a bunch of foxes for him

That's a special kind of hell, isn't it?

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Anon please, he may have many issues, but an Oedipus complex is not on the agenda.

>mfw my GM agreed to letting me trade a feat or revelation later on to give my tiger the intelligence scaling and such of a familiar
>mfw I only wanted this so I could justify being able to have the tiger perform threat assessment and better assist with keeping watch
>mfw custom magic items are a total possibility, such as one to let an animal take human form

Stop giving me these ideas, I told myself no degeneracy.

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>mfw Thea is the name my sister always used as her "stock character" for games of all kinds
>mfw I have a hard time separating that fact from the name

You're playing with fire, anon

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The shut-in and the male kitsune are functionally the same character. Both are social spergs, both want to become a hero of justice and good, both have no idea what that actually entails, and have the wrong skillsets for it. It's just a matter of backstory details that lead them to about the same point, though both would end up being older than Sandpoint itself.

>Aspiring hero... crossdressing...
No. That's a shit meme to begin with, don't force it on me too.

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What the fuck

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