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fucking BITCH

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We always hear about huge successes, weapons that can easily destroy planets, waifus seduced and other awe-inducing megaprojects.
Let's turn that on it's head.
Tell me about your failures, /jc/. When the Big Bad got away, when everything got worse despite your best attempts on holding it together, when your companions freaked and asked if they could go home, when that awesome gun you were making blew up in your hands.
What is the WORST thing that's ever happened to you? What's your most shameful failure? Let it all out.

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>this slowly growing rift between the /jc/ community and it's content creators

All of you fuckers need to calm down and get back to jumping, not every little issue has to be blown up into megashitstorm 2015.

Go to a different tab, write up some horrible fanwank, just do something other than argue about a non-issue.

>B-but anon his opinion is WRONG!
Take a deep breath and calm down nigga.
Why can't we all just get along?

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