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>if there is no suffering
It'd be very nice as a world. That's irrelevant since there's still so much suffering.

People still starve in our streets.
People work until exhaustion because their jobs don't pay enough and they fear they will be laid off.
People love, and have their hearts torn out by their loved ones who cheat on them, or decide they love others more.
Businessmen tearing out hair because the work they have put into their businesses is not enough and they are going under.
Kids commit suicide because they are screamed at every day by merciless parents wanting a grade A child over a failure.
Scientists driven to destructive drinking because they cannot grasp the true nature of the world.

There's less overall suffering. That hardly means there's no suffering at all.

>it's removal leaves people ignorant
Ignorant? Western modern society has schooling for all, even the poor. You think that man's natural state had better understandings of the world? When we screamed at each other over borders that our gods were better than theirs? When we thought the world was flat?

>leaves them unprepared
Unprepared for what? Do you think if the bombs were ever to fall, that someone prepared for life in the woods will stand a better chance against the radiation than someone who's a fat fuck who just happens to be close to a well stocked shelter? If someone lives their whole life without having to starve, do they really need to know how to scavenge for edible things in the bottom of trash cans?

I agree that much of modern art is trash, but there's one final point;
>comfort only until recently confined to effete upper classes

nigga who do you think does the innovating? The famous philosophers and scientists and those who change the world, do you think they came from potato farmers and wild woodsmen shooting game? Socrates, Newton, Descartes, Edison, Feynman, people who are remembered through history and their ideas and inventions changed lives.

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