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>New Oppara
>There is a Taldane colony in the middle of Tian Xia

The absolute madmen, Paizo added Not!Shanghai and an excuse to have white people in your Tian Xia campaign in one entry.


It's downright criminal how they've ignored nations like Lingshen or Quain, or even decided it's just not interesting to flesh out organizations and religions like the following:

>The Eternal Emperor is the name of a monotheistic religion practiced in the Successor State of Po Li in Tian Xia. It is believed that the Eternal Emperor is the spirit of the emperor of Lung Wa, reincarnated in each successive ruler of that land. The fact that the last emperor perished alongside Imperial Lung Wa, and no leader has emerged since then, does not seem to bother the faith's adherents.

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>Isabella Locke
>Shayliss Vinder
>Ameiko Kaijitsu
>Tessa Fairwinds

These are in order. Isabella has the biggest boobs but the top two have the best overall figures, with 'Rue beating Serethet because she's actually a character you're supposed to do cute lovey-dovey things with.

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>High King Olaf Haginsborg unites the Linnorm Kingdoms under his banner, declares it to be a realm that will last 10,000 years
>Year later, a strangely localized earthquake loosens a keystone from an arch and slips out of place, crushing High King Olaf's skull.

I bet the druids are behind this.

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>I could see a game about restoring Taldor to it's former glory being very lawful oriented.

We're never getting that AP for precisely that reason.

Rather, we're not getting that AP because JJ hit a very big roadblock in the form of an AP writer who really put his foot down on JJ sticking his CG dick into absolutely everything. You see, JJ wanted a Taldor AP to be about, you guessed it, spunky rebels overthrowing the establishment and forcing Taldor to accept the past, make peace with Qadira, and become a progressive nation ushering in a new age of tolerance to the Inner Sea.

The other AP writer wanted a Taldor AP to be exactly what you said, PCs working as Imperial Agents answering only to the Emperor himself as they assassinate dissenting nobles, root out the Dawnflower Cult, and reignite the flames of imperial conquest as the PCs become Heroes of the Empire.

Obviously, JJ had issue with this, the other AP writer had issue with his issue, and now we're in development hell. Another related issue is the Dawnflower Cult, which JJ himself calls "problematic" because they're not the spunky underdogs in Taldor, yet he can't bring himself to consider writing them as outright antagonists (again, because they're CG.)

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>He doesn't begin to tell his Drow wife a tale on the night of their marriage, but does not end it.
>He doesn't force her to postpone murder because she's curious how the tale ends
>He doesn't finish the tale the next night, only to begin (and only begin) another one.
>He doesn't repeat this until she's grown too fond of him to even imagine harming him

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>Something like 10 stories. Y'know.

>10 stories

Cute, how are the Great Plains or Europe this time of year?

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>Gudrid will end with Thorfinn.

Which one?

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Anastacia of Astora is really... Generous with her duties, isn't she?

I mean, anyone can just walk right up and stuff their empty flasks with her estus, and she doesn't even mind!

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>No one beats my character at anything!!!!

Except the DMPC with your waifu's virginity.

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>mfw they get to the section where the letters are discussing how round, large and full the breasts of your wet-nurse should be, which wife is the bigger slut, or lamentations on the whorish ways of Roman women.

For real though, this and the Byzantine History book mentioned after give the most thorough explanation on what caused the Crisis of the Second Century I've ever seen, while also giving you an insightful look at how the Romans viewed Christians, and why they were hated.

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