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>not hipsune
I am disappointed.

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pic related

Some system are. I personally think that making defensive Talents stronger (bigger bonuses, smaller cost) and making multitarget attacks less reliable and more expensive (penalties to accuracy or damage or initiative or whatever or additional Timings spend or something) would be a better idea than just cranking up damage even more.

That's just whiteroom theorycrafting, though. I am actually curious if you can be a competent damage dealer with just one offensive style and the second focused on defense.

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>the PC introduces himself to a powerful noblewomen with an armed retinue of soldiers by saying that she should sit on his face

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They're also stupid cretins and cowards.

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Have you found that numbers-heavy "domain/kingdom management" subsystems usually lead to the group ceding control over to a single player, usually the most meticulous/autistic player who knows how to game the subsystem for the benefit of the entire party, so that the one player can manage long documents full of numbers and make the most mechanically optimal decisions for the domain/kingdom?

This has been happening to me often recently, with me as that one player.

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