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Family name: Gouriki (強力)
First name: Azami (薊)
15 years
dark magical girl (empathic) (2x bronze - had to)
+1 mag killing blow (bronze) [Mind F***]
duplication (gold)
monstrous metamorphosis (bronze)
+1 str martial training
interdimensional tourist [enslaved Puchuu with alternate human form]
get out of jail
healing artifact

str 8
vit 6
agi 7 (silver)
mag 9 (silver x2)
lck 5

No no no, I don't think you Chuchuu, or whatever you assholes are called, understand. I make the rules here.

The two formerly flying plush toys are there too. Stupid cunts asked for it, and paid the price. Notice the scratches on the wall. No. Escape.

Same for the little whores over there. They had this interesting thing, it treats wounds. Now that I have this, not even death can save you.

So here's how it goes: I lock you here and proceed to have fun with you until you break. Call the Mystic PETA, I don't give a fuck.

Hurts, doesn't it? There's more where it came from, little shit.
You will.
And give ME the power I so deserve!

>monstrous metamorphosis
I'm so gonna gangbang you all with this after Killing Blow, while I heal myself with the Healing Artifact.

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