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>Group is all-male
>DM is married
>His wife serves drinks and snacks, then retreats
>She doesn't interact with the group except when she greets the guests when they enter and sends them off when they leave
*chef's kiss*

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This is a good post and you should feel good anon.

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Thank you.

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Could breaking the Great Curse be a Solar 3 working?

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How does sorcery initiation work in story in 2.5e?

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"Shaylee Takes a Big One For The Team" would have been hilarious.

But no we're going hextech with this and none of these manage to quite hit that niche right.

Cobbling sounds cool in this context, Chill downtime sessions, and potential solutions to half of the other queens' problems so that we can keep a stable political atmosphere despite BLATANT CORRUPTION AND CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

>True Love, Mutual minor.
Can't risk falling short, but don't wanna go too far.
>Interests, Mutual Minor.
Gotta be able to get along as well as have our own things some days.
>Attraction, Mutual Minor.
Gonna have to work to make it magic but if I read that letter right she's got some ideas about that.
Naw I ain't messing with that. We've got shit to do other than each other even if that's on the menu.
>Empathy, Mutual Minor
Let's not go crazy but neither of us are great at communication by the look of it so we'll cheat a bit.
Don't need it, I already do this and if she doesn't I won't mind.
Major Mutual Advantage. Politics sometimes requires fluidity, but I know who I'm coming home to every time.

>Pointy Ears
Going to need headphones customized.
>Fairy Eyes
I see you. And forever. Possibly dead people.
Think this comes with musculature for show too?
Gonna need that strength for all the headgear.
Fun times with wall climbing ahead.
Yeah we're doing this. Not sure if Maurelle swung this way before but hope the contract works that out.
Let's stretch that out nicely. The fork'd probably be a bit much though.

-Married a Dark Elf, got the Drow support prolly.
-Unshackle the Fantastical Familiars for support of the Courts.
-Open up the Mousways, got the little folks and my Secret Service.
>Work with Maurelle to see about getting at least some parts of the Fetch Factory working again for their help.
>Tongue/Tail buffs for Light Elf support.

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That is really, really, really fucking cool anon.

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>he thinks this is important enough for me to remember
I will forget about all of this in 10 seconds after the thread dies

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Fapping to monstergirls

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Temple of the Empyreal Enlightenment is apparently decent.

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Taking a favoured doesn't necessarily mean they have to know that they're good at it or done it before.

I'm tempted to say that'd be a waste of wp, but it sounds fine.

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Bro calm down. This is a thread about bleeding super powers.

How would you use blood magic to peel the potato properly?

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>tfw starting a new game and you're so excited, you wanna talk to the other players about ideas and brainstorm together and come up with something awesome

For me, this can be almost as much fun as the game itself when you have an idea you really like. It's still always a shame when a game ends before really going anywhere and the idea is wasted, but I enjoy making the character, both mechanically and in terms of their backstory.

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This. The game's base ruleset presume WBL but like with any other variant rule, it can be ignored or applied to fit the intended scenario.

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I've got an update to the Avowed for you guys, as well as a massive document with Avowed 2's stuff, including the Aspirant and Betrothed, two new pacts, a new shape, a bunch of new feats... Check it out (or don't, I'm not the boss of you).

Playtest thread links:

Doc links:

Avowed 1

Avowed 2

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>170 as of 2nd row.

160 and back at a balance. Look at that face. That is the face of contentment. Nothing going wrong at all.
>I Want you, Slippery.
125. Going to get some good millage out of that STI immunity. Part of the point in this idea is throwing myself out there rather than being a reserved stay at home neet. Be recognizable and available, even if it means losing face or a bit of embarrassment. Slippery makes for excuses to change it out regularly, but really it's just something to add as a trial, or maybe bother the Rival with. Besides, some things are supposed to be wet and messy.
>Mixed Signals 1&2.
105. Makes it easy to work out when "no pain no gain" becomes "It's only fun if it hurts. Also makes any kind of confrontation with the Rival more fun if it gets out of control.
>Commando, normal and Invert editions.
65. Already going to be spending too much on changing wardrobes. Just going to pass on these and air out the Slippery times, going for bare (ha) minimum when necessary for whatever reason. Long dresses and thicker tops shouldn't be that hard to deal with, and still provide plenty of ventilation to keep cool.
>No thanks nightmare row, just Paddling.
60. Might have a slight evil streak with how this interacts with Mixed Signals.
>Dat Ass, Dat Rack.
40. Got it, gotta flaunt it. Can call me a harlot but no one's going to call me coward yet, though I may stick to pants if the longer dresses shrink. It's one thing to tease someone but another to essentially wander around naked and there's only so far that Ambivalence will keep me from getting fined.
>Erotic Mirror, Sharing Field.
Sometimes you'll have a bad run so Im not quite keen on Helpless, but the Mirror should help pick up on queues that I might just miss otherwise. Sharing field would seem a little risky until remembering Amazon Lightning Bitch Powers among others so if I'm not keen for folks to get handsy at the time there's plenty of ways to deal.

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>seeing as I am succeeding in life while you aren't?
You too? It's nice, isn't it?

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>A friend of mine had 4 grocery bags full of sprues he was throwing away.
>I asked him if I could have them
>Sprues are full of Skitarii and IG bits, mainly weapons
>mfw recasters will be selling Neophyte bodies for cheap
This will be the cheapest army I have ever started and it will be mostly plastic to boot. I can fucking wait

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Peony is close enough for most folks with /tg+d/ dual board citizenship, but there Is an option for going full yurimode if you're paying attention.

You can go for the cybertech armor edgelord for a husband in absentia or go for the ladies' man suitor that I think is on the page after >>49509766 .

Then you take the ally/contact that can get you all the company you like of various sorts and you either have an absent husband forever at war with your enemies (and isn't that bad of a catch if he wins anyway, can always have him Removed by going espionage training or shift him around as you like via magical training if you take the time and effort for it). Alternatively yeah you've got a fella who's going to be interested in you but can also probably be the best wingman for picking up chicks on the sly; let's face it, he's not going to complain if you tell him your ideal honeymoon involves as many other women as the two of you can seduce.

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Wait no I'm a dumbass and can just put this on a melee weapon and attack a 5ft square if I can't hit their AC. Thanks a bunch Anon!

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Okay. "You get 100 level to take whatever class levels you want within the strictures of the system, which is clearly based on D&D 3e/3.5's, the actual assertion of the post." Thank you for contributing even more evidence to said assertion.

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>second crusade rolls around
>Wil and Solomon are nowhere to be found
>march on Alexandria
>Find Will lounging on the throne of Ascalon while the city burns

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>that doesnt magically make the issue of unbound disappear
Yes, yes it does

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