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Earlier, someone put forth a challenge to create the most powerful possible 5th-level initiator. Last time it was posted, there was confusion over how it worked, so I have revisited it.

It is important to note that DPR is not the goal. Alpha striking is. Kill all important enemies in the first two rounds of combat with Victorious Recovery, then mop up.

Level: 5th
Race: Dreige (Lords of the Mist update) or half-giant (Ultimate Psionics)
Classes: Warder (ordained defender, zweihander sentinel) 4/stalker (brutal slayer) 1
Domain/Inquisition: Conversion (use Wisdom in place of Charisma for Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate)
Martial Tradition: Stained Glass Champions

Ability Scores (25 point buy): Strength 17+2+1+2, Dexterity 12-2, Constitution 12, Intelligence 12, Wisdom 16+2+2, Charisma 7

• Combat: Practiced Initiator (stalker), +2 initiator level for stalker
• Race: Fey-Touched (Lords of the Mist), +2 trait bonus against compulsions and diseases, feyblood subtype
• Third Trait: Some method of gaining a +2 trait bonus to initiative checks, possibly through a campaign trait or Adopted
• Drawback: One of choice

• 1st-level: Altered Life (Bloodforge), use Wisdom modifier (+5) instead of Constitution modifier (+1) for hit points
• 3rd-level: Martial Charge, use a martial strike in place of a charge
• 5th-level: Victorious Recovery, once per encounter, recover initiator modifier (+5) upon reducing an opponent to zero or less hit points
• 5th-level (Stalker Art: Combat Art): Improved Initiative, +4 bonus to initiative checks

Custom Monk Weapon:
• +5 DP: Martial
• +3 DP: Two-Handed
• +3 DP: Additional Design Points
• +1 DP: Fragile (irrelevant once made masterwork)
• -3 DP: Improved Critical Threat Range
• -5 DP: Improved Damage
• -1 DP: Weapon Feature (Monk)
• -3 DP: Weapon Feature (Reach)
Final Result: Martial two-handed melee weapon, 50 gp, 2d6 damage as Medium, 19-20/×2, fragile (irrelevant once masterwork), monk, reach

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