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I won't be held back by worthless pride.
Rance! Post your Skype so we can fuck!

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You see a few stragglers, but then Lydia climbs up the bank and sets herself down in front of you.

You raise an eyebrow at her.

“I don’t like you either,” she says, nearly matching the venom of Kaede the first time you met her, “But I’ve got to many enemies to run off by myself.”

This seems to convince the remainder to join you. Standing below you is now the entire “Delinquent” gang, now subsumed into whatever you’re going to call your group.

Sighing, you look down on them, then give a smirk to your core group. “Now who wants breakfast?” you ask the group below you.


It takes a while for you to cook enough for that many people, which included sending a good number of them out for food and cooking supplies, but eventually every last one is sitting and eating your cooking. Well, your massed produced cooking but that’s still a damn sight better than most. You probably won’t cook them all your best anytime soon, that’s more than likely reserved for your main girls. Or maybe not, who knows.

Kaname walks up to you as you finish your own breakfast.

“Not thinking of starting a real harem are we?” she asks, mostly sarcastic but you can hear a trace of real worry.

“No,” you reply, “Don’t have time for that. Mostly I just wanted some backup in case we needed it in later fights.”

She nods her head, “Good.”

Ms. Black comes up then, a grin still on her face. "Come on,” she says, “You need to come see the headmistress again, she’s expecting you.”

You sigh, levering yourself up to follow the mildly crazy teacher.

“So, do you have any idea where you’re going to keep all them?” she asks, “Or name your gang?”

Well, do you?

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Chris sighs, apparently trying to remember Kaname’s explanation. “Apparently it’s based on the old witch covens, self-sustaining groups that protected their own. Here it’s a little different, most of them are small and keep to themselves, but the larger ones fight for stronger members, positioning and prestige, with the strongest being the schools representatives. Normally they’d leave people like us alone, but I think that most of us are considered exceptional in some way.”

You look at Chris, wondering exactly what she’s exceptional at, when your attention is drawn ahead of you by a cough.

Turning, you see a girl dressed in some sort of uniform, with what appears to be a group of delinquents behind her. They’re standing right in your way to the English building.

“Well, if it isn’t Mr. John Galt,” says the busty blonde, leaning slightly forward at you, looking down her nose, “I’ve been wanting to meet you so badly.”

This chick is giving off nothing but bad vibes and you can see Chris tense next to you. But it’s up to you to respond.


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