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I fucking hate Siege Engines. Lost Celeborn today after he took one shot from an Isenguard assault ballista. Why the hell are there instakill siege engines? I had 3 wounds and three fate! I still won the games but that shit is broken.

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>4th week in a row of fighting Space Marines

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>mfw the historical rules I'm trying to get them to play are even simpler than 40k

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How do I hobby while also being incredibly self critical to the point of depression and hopelessness?

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>Long range melta guns
Why does GW keep giving marines stuff that negates the balance of things in other armies?
>"Snipers are good to have against characters but you have to see them to shoot them"
>Here's is your sniper marines. I know you don't like thinking about angles and sight blockage so we made yours able to target anything"

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>mfw I was playing a game and I though my tank didn't have line of sight until my opponent pointed out my back axle was pointing out of the ruins so I could target his cultists

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>Tau players when I make my stuff -2 to hit

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>The meta will forever be OP marines

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