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No, no, don't panic. Don't panic.
I reach into my pocket and look at the card. Slowly, I concentrate on the ripping surface.

..It's empty.

"W-w-ha -wh" I stammer.
Then I remember that Asai is standing right there.

"HOW?!" Is the first question that springs to mind. "WHY?!"

"Hiya Masami." Asai waves in my direction. I scowl in his direction.

"Okay! Enough of that!" I take the card back out and hold it toward him. "Your time-out hasn't ended yet!"

I concentrate on the card, and the space contained inside of it.
With a whoosh of wind, Asai is sucked back into the card before he can even come up with a witty retort!

"What the heck was that?!" Julie asks, clinging onto Mom's leg.
"I'm not sure, maybe he followed us out?" Mom speculates.

Either way, I'm sick of him messing with us like that. If he really was so powerful, he-

That door is back again.
I hear a voice from the other side.
"Knock knock."

>W-who's there?
>Get even more frustrated and try it again!
>This isn't working! What is going on?!
>Forget it! Put Belle on, it's time to battle!
>Try to reason with him?
>Use a card

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"EEK!" I squeal, jumping to my feet. "PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!"

The fireball dissipates, leaving a sea of orange in its midst.
That's when I remember, Asai! The Monster! They're in there!

Is this one of Asai's tricks?! Light a big fire and then steal the parts of the monster he wants while I'm distracted?!

Quickly, I think about the card in my hand.

It's warm, very warm. Almost burning hot. My eyes quickly flick open just to make sure my hand isn't on fire.

It's not? Whew.
The card continues to glow an elaborate gold color.
Slowly, I concentrate on it. Concentrate on that feeling.

More, and more.
Nothing's happening.

My eyes flick open once more, and that's when I notice that all the sparkly glitter and gold is flaking off the card!
Oh no! did it catch on fire?!

Mom yells something as a splash of blue rolls over me and douses the flames.
I'm dripping wet, now. So in the card in my hand.
The water only seems to make more of the gold trim melt off the card's face even faster!

What is going on?!

"Mom?! What is happening?!"

The card is almost completely blank now! I focus more energy into it. It's the same warm feeling as before, but nothing's happening!

"Priestess! Look up!"

My eyes snap to where Asai and the monster once stood.
Only to notice, that one person is standing there now.

He stands several feet taller than the monster itself, with lots of pieces and parts of metal bolted to him.

He's busy examining his hands, squeezing them, and pulling at his own metallic sleeves.
"Back, where I belong." It says, after a few moments of silence.

>Uh, hi? You must be Tower.
>Get out of the card, quick!
>Use a card.
>Mom! Do something!
>Yell at him for lighting your house on fire.
>Try to engage in helpful conversation.

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"That's not fair!" The monster seems surprised that Asai isn't fair.

"I know." Asai is really bearing his teeth in that grin. "Isn't it great?! Getting to leave all your baggage behind and just keeping the cool parts of yourself? I couldn't possibly turn down a deal like that! Best one I ever made!"

Asai hops from his seat, and puts his palms on the table.
"Well, except for you, of course."

Within a moment, the monster is upon him. At speeds faster than my eyes can even keep up with.
I move to stop him, but there's no way I'm fast enough to keep up with that! It was like watching a banshee!

"Ahaha, That strength, one of the things I couldn't haggle the Chairman for." Asai still seems perfectly calm and giggly. "At least I got to keep the good looks."


The monster streams those last two words with such ferocity that I'm positive every in the room was deafened for just a few seconds. My ears ring slightly for several seconds as the monster looks like he wants to ball Asai up and throw him away.

Except, he doesn't.

"Oh, you want to change back now? You want to go back?" Uh oh, He's about to say something rude again. "Make me."

Well, there go my plans on ever eating on that table again. Splinters and wooden supports wildly fly all over as the monster stomps straight through it.
Yet, he stops mere centimeters away from Asai. I wonder what's holding him back?

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