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>Ursus Claw on the carapace and power fist/chainfist combo

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two plasma pistols, a bolt pistol, a power sword, and a knife

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"I dont want to be a monster" she cries, committing war crimes at the same time fuckin hypocrite with a nice ass. Davoe was right, you can't trust a big butt and a smile

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>Laughs in Hunting Auspex

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Why not "Rip and tear"?

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I kill everything

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Fucking rip, Blood Angels when.

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Vanguard detachment

Chaplain Dreadnought = 204
2 fists, 2 stormbolters

Venerable Dreadnought = 177
twin lascannon, fist, heavy flamer
Mortis Dreadnought = 141
2 twin autocannons
Dreadnought = 139
multi melta, fist, storm bolter
Ironclad dreadnought = 162
seismic hammer, fist, heavy flamer, metlagun
Ironclad dreadnought = 162
seismic hammer, fist, heavy flamer, metlagun

Super heavy detachment
Knight Achron = 493


Gonna try this out tomorrow. Probably won't go well.

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Vanguard detachment

Primaris Lt = 75
MC stalker bolt rife
1st Eversor assassin = 70
2nd Eversor assassin = 70
3rd Eversor assassin = 70
4th Eversor assassin = 70
7th Eversor assassin = 70
8th Eversor assassin = 70

Stormtalon = 195
2 lascannons, twin assault cannon
Stormhawk = 217
lastalon, 2 assault cannons, typhoon missile launcher

Superheavy detachment
Knight Achron = 495

auxillary detachment
Culexeus assassin = 85

1493 total

after thinking about the weaknesses of my assassin list I've come up with some ways to contend with them. I've got some anti-tank, anti-psyker, and anti-flyer now.

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I had a game, a rather interesting game in which I pitted 10 eversor assassins, 2 culexeus assassins, a vindicaire assassin, a chaplain dreadnought, 2 techmarines, Greyfax and a tempestor prime against 1500 points of chaos space marines.
By the bottom of turn 3 all of his infantry, except for one champion, one terminator, and one terminator lord, were dead.
9 possessed vs 7 eversor assassins was something that happened.
a single eversor killed 10 cultists, 6 marines, and 3 terminators without dying.
I lost no models the whole game. What I thought was a joke list was actually frighteningly effective. The real punch came from being able to seal off my advance from deep strikers by spreading out models so he had to land too far away to stop me.

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What's a good source for skull helmets for converting eversor assassins?

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Today on Konor the Dark Angels and Skitarii army were defeated by the Death Guard and Tzeentch-serving renegade space marines.
Techmarine, 2 squads of ravenwing bikers, librarian, apothecary, 3 whirlwinds and 2 magos, 2 squads of infiltrators, 2 squads of rangers, 2 dunecrawlers
Nurge psyker guy, 2 squads of plague marines, 3 blight drones and captain, 2 dreadnoughts, venerable dreadnought, siege dreadnought and devastator squad.
Played the special mission and won by 1 victory point to gain a foothold on the filthy Ultramar world. Won by 1 victory point because a single plague marine hid inside a building on the last turn and two magos, a librarian, an apothecary, a dunecrawler and a single skitarii alpha failed to knock four wounds off a dreadnought in close combat

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>Huge guts, incoming.

Rip and tear!

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In my last game my eversor assassin removed around 20 kebabs.
Is that good or not?

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First I picked Eldar at the bottom of 4th edition because Dire Avengers were sexy as shit and so were wraithlords.
About a year later I stopped with them and picked up my brother's Space Marines he was ditching because I thought they had done better on the table when I had played against them, but the models have kept me in the thrall since.

Rule of cool is the only rule

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Fucking purge them with fire

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> being degenerate enough to accept "rape, murder, cannibalism, demon rape, & bestiality"
> upset because people draw the line at " females have a penis and essentially give birth and have sex through urethral insertion"
Maybe people just havent quite lost all of their standards and morality yet anon, maybe some people still have souls?

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> making fantasy games about shitty degenerate rape demons
> thinking this is something you should be okay fantasizing about
> cant help but wonder if this is a result of /nogainz/ neets infecting a large amount of our hobby

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I'm planning on making a comprehensive image of the different kinds of EDH players/playstyles

Does anyone have any contributions?
For example,

Pic related would be
"Timmy battlecruiser"

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Rip And Tear Fucker.

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>Implying this wouldn't be his reaction when he's see that f*ckhuge berserker

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