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I just want to say that in my opinion, this is the best done MC in any magical girl quests I am following.

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Thanks! Will put it on my list of things to check out.

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The two of you make your way to the apartment in which both yourself and your older sister live with little trouble.

People staring at an abnormally-tall girl holding hands with a girl whose hair is on fire is pretty low on the 'trouble' scale, you figure.

You reach the door and see that it bears a note with Akane's surprisingly-fancy handwriting on it.

It says, “I'll be spending the night in you-know-who's bed, so don't worry about Nee-chan, okay?”

Well, technically, it says that, but with more hearts and smiley-faces.

You shrug, trying to do the exact opposite of envisioning Nee-chan and Miku-chan partaking in... amorous activities... and failing only a little.

You reach for- and turn- the knob, only to find that the door won't budge.

It's locked, and you've no key.

You sigh and start to apologize to Mato when she gently shoulders you aside. “I got it,” she says, producing a key from the depths of her coat and slipping it into the lock.
She gives it a twist and a push, and, presto, the door swings open.

You gape at her.

“What? Akane-neesan gave me a key.”

You blink, filing the fact that Mato already refers to your sister as '-neesan' away for later review, then ask, “Is there anything else Nee-chan did that I should know about?”

She scratches her chin. “... Could you be more specific on the 'that I should know about' part?”

You pout at her, and she blushes a little. “She, uh... she also said that if I broke your heart, she'd break Miku-nee's pelvis... with /her/ pelvis.”

… you can feel your cheeks warming.

… Oh, you're /blushing/, aren't you?

You clear your throat and usher Mato inside, closing the door behind you.

You stretch upwards, arching your back and holding your arms above your head, then sigh.

“I'll make dinner,” you say, “I bet you're starving, right?”

Mato shrugs. “Eh, not really.”

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If the paladin players I played with were like you, I wouldn't cringe every time I see it on a character sheet.

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You. I like you.

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You did good.

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You grimace and move her hands away from her head.

She doesn't resist, and you immediately notice blood trickling from both of her ears. Her eyes are somewhat unfocused, and she's still wobbling like a person who's had too much to drink.

In fact, that comparison was even more accurate than you initially thought, because she looks like she's going to be si-

She doubles over and, nudging you out of her way, tosses her cookies all over the ground.


She doesn't turn to face you, but she makes some rather helpful hand signals and gives you a thumbs-up.

It seems her eardrums had been either ruptured or perforated, and her unnatural regeneration worsened the illness one would usually experience during recovery from those things- probably because she went through the whole process at once.

You promise to cook something awesome after this, and she tives you another thumbs-up.

...Does that thing's having made Mato throw up make you mad?

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Sounds about right

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You peek out from cover, and a bolt of lightning arcs past your face. Mato peeks out, and a flaming rubber chicken soars just over her head.

You exchange glances.

Then you hear the extraordinarily loud sound of one of those huge armored vehicles Anti-Skill uses- the one with the big gun on top- in the not-so-far-away distance.

A plan somehow forms between the two of you, even as a fireball forms in each of your hands and a bigger Mato forms in a flash of light from the normal one.

She grabs you and jumps as you hurl the fireballs into the areas under the mechanical space bovines (though the nearer one wasn't quite perfect, it got the job done), sending the Tuskens hiding behind them flying, and the banthas themselves exploding.

Who builds robot-space-cows to be so explodey, anyways?

The last two, you can understand- you hit them with fiery explosions, after all- but the first one only ever got hit with rocks.

You bury your face in Mato's shoulder as she flees the scene, cradling you in her arms like a bride, and try to ignore the extreme motion sickness that you're suddenly feeling.

You also try to pretend that Mato's running on the ground and being really bouncy, rather than jumping on, around, and between buildings all willy-nilly.

And, after a minute or two, you could've sworn you heard something that sounded a lot like those gunshots from earlier, only... more of them. And faster. More methodical.

But that was probably just your imagination, right?

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You quickly shed your borrowed clothes and switch into your own, electing to don next year's uniform.

Mato, who you had forgotten was watching, reminds you of her presence by asking, “Do you really want to be fighting thugs, running around, and doing god-knows-what-else in a skirt that... short?”

You try not to look at her or dignify that with a response, given you were just naked in front of her without even realizing it (at least you were facing away from her, so she didn't see anything too... private). Still, she has a point, so you pull on a pair of spats as well.

Mato snickers as you turn around. “You forgot I was here, didn't you?”

You nod. “You could have said something!”

“I didn't peek. Promise!”

She peeked, didn't she?

Well, whatever. You need another armband for today's patrol, so you need to head back to Branch 90's office and get one. You're still early, but you never know what sort of delays might pop up if you don't do it now.

You should also probably tell Steve about your possible power-up. He can have you go through another test to measure your abilities, after all, and making progress so quickly is sure to impress him.

What do you do? You really only have time to do one before going on patrol, and that's assuming the researchers don't want to, yanno, do research or something.
>Go to the office and get your armband.
>Go to the research facility and tell them what happened.
>Do something else. (Write-in)

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I really like this plan.

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