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I fudge at least 30% of my roles to make the combat flow better. Players haven't caught on yet, and it's worked well so far. But it still bothers me how much I do it.

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>thread's entire premise is based on the party being defeated, or at least obviously outmatched
>half the replies are variations on "I just kill them, nothin personnel kid"

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Reminder that Perturabo is only guilty of being intelligent. All of the other Primarchs had to go through trial and error to get through where they were, but Perturabo was such a high IQ individual that he was already at his maximum potential.

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>nigga I'm posting smug shit

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>Level dips
>gotta be human
>all this in response to me saying something I think would be a fun 1pp-only, singleclassed build

I... Huh? What? Why?

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>implying this is at all complicated
>"the mechanics are right there, use them" is trolling

The fuck are you on about. The mechanics are right there for you to use. Your only valid point is creature type, but that's such a minor detail as to be a non-issue at this point.

What is your malfunction, anon.

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>men don't have the emotional complexity...

I see you've bought into the dankest meme put forth by society

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>after all the various support it's received
>implying literally ANY "support" it's recieved aside from Preservationist, Beastmorph, and Vivesectionist are remotely worth taking note of
just because every book has an alchemist archetype in it doesn't mean it's "getting support", it just means they're churning out shit because it's easy to slap trash onto the hot mess that is the base alchemist chassis. I say that as someone who fucking ADORES alchemist too, 80% of the class's shit is garbage, it's like a representation of the system as a whole. A cool base idea flooded with shitty options, with a few gems poking out of the muck.

>everything an investigator can do an alchemist can do
>an alchemist can do inspiration without needing a shitty cognatogen gimmick
>an alchemist can be amazing at skills
>half its gimmicks being archetypes mattering when the alchemist is the same shit
Empiricist Investigator is what the base Investigator should have been.

Jolly's Alchemy-capable Vigilante Archetype

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>Intelligence 4
>Only Int Skill is Medicine

What the ever-living fuck is this?

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>all full casters are now bard progression

why even bother saying this instead of "no fullcasters, play halfcasters instead" or "your spell list is restricted from these spells"

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>I'm Str-based and don't want to play another twink

I don't think my 380 year old Brutal Slayer ex-merc is going to look like a skinny 12 year old in his normal human[oid] form, anon. Not unless he's explicitly using a disguising ability, which he very well could do.

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As someone who had just posted something that was blatent fetishbait, even this has managed to feel like it's shot over some kind of line.

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You can still only get 9 tails, anything after that just adds additional uses to the SLAs.

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>no room for leisure feats in gestalt
>in a gestalt game that allows SoP and PoW
>in regards to a a feat that can be either a single throwaway, or part of a multi-feat chain to base your character around

The fuck are you smoking, senpai?

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Grav Weapons shitty rules/pricing completely fucked whatever usefulness plasma had.

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I don't like posting images that turn out to be HUGE.

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>Tfw I talked to a dude who said the Paizo Occultist is "overpowered" and "impossible to challenge in a story. Bards are a "friggin' powerhouse" and wizards can be defeated easily by a crafty GM.

On a scale from 1 ("Fighter is underpowered") to 10 ("Kitsune aren't weeaboo"), what's the dumbest shit you've heard from the mouth of a player or DM?

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As much as I unironically like kitsune, would you kindly fuck off and never make a thread OP again? Post about literally anything else, or at least shitpost about kitsune less frequently.

To continue, I'll go drag... Uh... How about these posts from last thread. That anon probably could use more tips

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>22 points per model for a 1W marine
pic related

>but you can take 4 heavy weapons in a troop slot!
grav cannon spam HERE WE COME

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I wanted to try my hand running a game, but I got stuck looking for a group and a good time to play for a very long time and just kept adding details to a setting that became increasingly homebrew. Now the world is so big I have literally no idea how to introduce the players into it without emailing them a small essay on the state of world affairs over the past seventy years and how it influence their character's birth and upbringing.

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you're all faggots

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>Summoner banned
>Sorcerer, bard, etc is not

What the fuck, It's a sorcerous class. If anything it fits the bill of "gaining mysterious magical power" the most.

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Nigga I'm not even talking about 2hu, or people in the thread in general. I was talking about retards you find in groups that insist paizo's rulings are god's holy law, that all errata is holy scripture, and that homebrewing and 3pp is of the devil.

just for you I'll use a 2hu image

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