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why do you guys ALWAYS take the bait?

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yeah 'cause you can count the number of viable builds on one and a half hands amirite?

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Alright, whatever.
A long time ago, on a shit board far far away, some sad and lonely guy decided to RP mad Perturabo apologist, while including every internet warrior cliche there is, which included, but are not limited to: anime pics, bragging about having a gf, destroying minis, deleting system32, threating suicide and homicide. Provides for ez room temperature iq entertainment.
Ever since then from time to time ancient evil reemerges to feed the bait down everyone`s throat. Locals seem to like it.

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Space Wolves went full yiff holy shit

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Krieg is really fucking cool. Armageddon Steel Legion was always my favorite since I was introduced to 40k around the time the Third War was happening in real-time around the world but when Forgeworld released their Death Korps army with all that cool stuff in Imperial Armor and the Siege of Vrakks after reading all of it I can't help but love them. Balls out hardasses. The underground fighting with the shotgun platoons is a hellish nightmare, man. All that shit those dudes went through. WW1 aesthetics, I like playing in games with infantry and artillery anyway, in Steel Division and Steel Division 2 I always play with infantry regiments while my friends use tanks. They're a perfect little fit for me.

I have an ork army, though, because forgeworld prices and a man has to have limits.

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Every time I think they've wrapped things up and they can't dig any further it turns out they're blowing a new crater.

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WTF is going on in this thread????

It’s lost guys. Let’s let this one die and start a new one,

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Finally, a good fucking opinion.

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So death of entirety of warhammer when?

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so this is the end, lads, 40k is officially dead. It was great while it lasted, see ya around

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Suspect, but acceptable.
No idea, I'm not too up on published adventures.
Reminds me though, has anyone ever run a straight up Scooby Doo adventure in D&D? Like it's murder hobo PCs with swords, but the ghost is really just Old Man Jenkins in a sheet?
I am really tempted to do that right now.

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A space marine falling to the extent of working under the influence of an Alien power is such an affront to the entirety of the other space marines that Chaos marines themselves would willingly join in to purge those xenos defectors. Chaos marines may be under the powers of the warp but they hate aliens even more than the Imperium with the same passion they had when they were loyal to humanity.

Keep this in mind. Iron Warriors would be willing to work with Imperial Fists to destroy that xenos renegade Space Marine chapter. The Long War would go on hold for this. I am not exaggerating. They did so to rescue humans who were used like livestock under an ork empire. Those they could not save, chaos and loyalist both, they mercy killed. Better to die than to live a single day under the control of an alien.

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>tfw your campaign always gets sidetracked by something stupid like this
I remember when I DM'd for the first time I was terrified I wasn't going to be able to prepare enough content, and my players were going to burn through it all.

Then they'd always get distracted by the dumbest of fucking things and we'd go through only a quarter of the two pages of notes I prepped for the day. Every single session.

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Implying they have not already fallen....

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I bought the Garro Audio Collection and later found out there's apparently a bigger collection with more books for nearly half the price. Wtf GW

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