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>honest DM and typical PC's

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I have a some ideas, but I have a few questions first; do you want the solution to be non-magical? If so, do you want it to involve greivous bodily harm? And is there anyone else in the party who has demonstrated particular sneakiness or capacity for theft (if not, and you guys are actually adventuring, you've got part of the solution right there)?

Here are a few simple non-magical solutions that don't involve trying to rig a coinpurse grenade.

>Mark your coins.
If the faggot has a marked coin after a theft, boom, done.
>Buy a lockbox.
It will at least slow this bullshit down.
>Have a tailor sew hidden pockets in your clothing.
Again, not a long term solution, but still a bit of a stopgap until you can make one.
>Invest in trade goods.
Another stopgap, but one that works more permanently, because unless the faggot has a bag of holding he's not exactly stealing a bag of flour.

More complex and dangerous solutions involve the following:

>Taking quests for the party for free
If it's about money, act like a paladin and accept quests with no material rewards for the entire party; if questioned about it, simply state that since your god has clearly taken a disliking to monetary wealth, if your mysteriously dwindling coinpurse is any indication, money clearly holds no value.
>Put the Rogue in situations that force him to be harmed to access your money.
Bear-traps are quite fun for this; you can also point out to the entire party that if your own coinpurse is in danger, so to must theirs, and have it all put in a communal pot that EVERYONE wants to guard.
>Mislead Rogue into stealing that which ought not be stolen.
You're a Paladin; place of religious or fealty-related significance are of great value to you. They also have the most easily recognizable shit in the world.
>Befriend the rogue.
Or, you know, you could be an adult and just ask him to stop stealing your shit; yeah, you don't have proof, but you're literally relying on each other to not die.

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