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Stealing these my man.

I run two games in person, so I usually find it helpful after a description to turn the laptop around and say, like

>It pretty much looks like this

Also good for tone of the dungeon/adventure. I use the laptop for random tables, mood music and pdf's for rules anyway so it's great having visual stuff there. Would eventually love a secondary screen that I can keep the locations on while we play.

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The mystery of Kids gender still unresolved, you offer a few more reassuring words. You correct their stance on a few things, offer some tips. Finally, you tell them to stay at the back of the fighting. They'll be fine just waving that banner around, knifing anyone that comes too close.

"Corporal." Lance Corporal 'Jack' Marcus grunts as you approach.

"Marcus." You pause, looking out at the sunset over Sarsburg. Might be the last sunset a lot of people ever see. "...you think they're ready?"

Marcus doesn't answer for a long while. "No, Prince." he sighs "But they never are."

You guess he has a point there. Sieges are nasty things. On a battlefield you can hold formations easily enough, stand your ground and rely on the man next to you. But cities? Things tend to get messy.

"I always wanted to go to Sarsburg." Marcus says wistfully "As a kid, you know? Make my fortune in the Golden City, retire and have a dozen kids. Still thought I'd do it after my service. But then the wars started, and they never stopped. And here I am, at the gates of my own country... on the other side."

"Having second thoughts?" You glance at him sideways.

"No." He says with feeling "I've made my choices, I'm a brother of the Black Company. And that's that."

The two of you sit like that silently for a while. You wonder if you'll have to bury another friend tomorrow, or if this time they'll be burying you.


> Wealth = 26 Silver
> Any final actions before The Big One?

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Sarsburg, the pride of the Neumunster Empire, and a massive middle finger to the encroaching darkness in the land. Its nobles proud, its merchants wealth, its commonfolk happy and its soldiery disciplined. Too rich a target too ignore, too formidable to take easily, your employer's host would not be the first invading horde to smash itself to pieces against its walls. Sarsburg has defied your employer for years, with a little luck and a lot of bloodshed, that won't be the case in a few days.

With the battered Neumunster army gathering their strength from the Battle of Weylan River and their Elven and Chevalisse allies weeks away at best, you know this siege isn't going to be long and drawn out like the 2 year wait at Far Sut Rus in the Kalgarri Dominion. No, this is going to be bloody and short.

Anyway, you suppose it's past time you stopped thinking about the whys and wherefores and focused on the job at hand.

>Head to Sergeant Frowns-at-Children's tent, doubtless he'll have the squad selection roster

>Seek out Page #137, that creature will have the word on the comings and goings of the horde. Plus he knows more about the restructured Company layout than anyone.

>Take a look at the Post, there's plenty of Freelance Mercenary Work offering good coin while you're not on strict Black Company duties. The Post is where the majority of the jobs are well... posted.

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