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>Triggered lolberals

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>Be /pol/tard
>Agree that elves should be superior to humans
>Seconds later
>Yeah, I bet you'd really trigger /pol/tards if you make elves objectively better!

I couldn't have planned this better if I had cared enough to use my phone to samefag post.

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>tfw somebody saves and later reposts your first screencap

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Those Jews shouldn't have a problem with a bit of castration, right?

I mean, they already chop off their foreskin!

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>The difference between 3aboos and 4rries

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>Player says he's gonna make a Paladin
>"Is he going to be a tortured soul on the path of redemption?" One asked
>Nay! Said the player
>"Is he going to be a cleave and smite determinator?" Another asked
>Nu uh! Said the player
>"Is he going to be a stick up the ass arbiter of the law?" The last person cried
>NO! The player declared
>"So what is he going to be?!" The three asked

>He's going to be the classic "bright-eyed comely youth with a sword, vaguely empty head and a heart full of good intentions and wanderlust!"

I'm going to fucking love this character.

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>from Detroit

He must've run some great post apocalypse games

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>tfw you're RPing with someone and then your characters hold hands
Forgive me padre for I have sinned

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>That guy still hasn't replied to this post

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>Perhaps one day JR will have a mustache to rival Chet's!

Are you saying she should sculpt certain... Hairy areas to look like Chet's mustache?

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>That anon

Welcome to 4chan bud, can't handle the heat, go back to whatever hugbox you crawled out of

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Lol, most amusing

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>That delightful misunderstanding of terms
>That premise
>That broken English

Ooooo this is going to be so DELIGHTFUL!

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But I already got a waifu in my favorite system.

She's the wife of my character that stays at home and keeps the kids and household under control while he's off on adventures.

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>Beautiful young woman
>She's going to die anyway
>I'm a man with needs
>Got the ability to stop time and do whatever.

I think you know where this is going.

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Look at it wearing a mask and clothes.

Aww, it thinks it's people!

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>Still, his resistance is fast being worn down in that regard.

What, is she humping his leg or something?

In heat?

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>Nitpicking something in a reaction image because you are so anus anguished somebody didn't like your homebrew

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Who wants to tell him?

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Why don't you go ahead and give us the "real" definition of words since our damn dirty dictionaries are so passe then, friend?

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