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After a minute or two of deliberation, you all agree that doing what Mokarin herself asked is probably the best place to start. If she didn't know what she was talking about, she wouldn't have asked for something so odd and specific, after all.

Fate fills the bathtub with cool, clear water, then dumps the whole bag of salt in. Mato puts her arm in and mixes the salt and water with a back-and-forth motion that leaves the water audibly sloshing back and forth. After a few moments, Mato stands, apparently satisfied that the salt and the water have merged to become salt water, and Strength carries Mokarin's unmoving form into the room and slips her into the tub.

The four of you stand there, watching the robot-girl, waiting and wishing for something to happen.

Mato's hand slips its way into yours, and you give a reassuring squeeze.

After a few minutes, Mokarin stirs. Her eyes slowly open, and, after swishing the water in the tub about with her hands, she splashes water into her face a couple of times and says, “I don't think God likes talking to non-humans.”

You blink.

>“... What.”
>“... You're gonna have to explain that a little more clearly.”
>“Wait, wait, wait... /God/ did this to you?”
>“... Mokarin, are you alright?”
>Something else? (Write-in!)

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FUN FACT: If you hadn't come to a decision, it would've been dubbed 'The Third Bun' by Mato.

You follow the orb of destruction with your eyes, and find that it's the one doing the following... when did that change?

This is weird. You can move it with your mind, now.

It kinda reminds you of the Eye of Sauron.

Ah, there's a name.


That'll do just fine.

You make it bob up and down, side-to-side, and-

A pair of metal arms wrap themselves around you from behind.

A charred Strength and an explosion-swept Chariot approach, and Mami, after fussing over Strength for a few moments, turns to you and begins moving her mouth.

Between being unable to hear her, and having a doting Mato rubbing her cheek affectionately- and perhaps a bit possessively- against the top of your head, you have no idea what Mami's trying to say.

Fortunately, she's a photokineticist, so she can just show you.

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“Mato... why's this so important to you?”

Mato rests her chin on your shoulder and sighs. “Because, Akari, I l-”

Her confession is interrupted by a rather loud and obnoxious, “MOOOOOOOO.”


You slowly turn to look out the window...

There's a cow outside your window.

>Ignore it. You didn't see a thing.
>Do... something. (What?)

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You smile. You've never really had jewelry, what with the whole melting-everything deal you've got going on, and this... it's really pretty.

“I love it, Mato. It's beautiful.” You clasp the chain around your neck and give Mato a good old-fashioned SURPRISE TACKE-HUG!

Most people would probably have been bowled over by that, but Mato just kinda... caught you. You must look pretty silly right now, you think, and just imagining how you probably look sends you into a short bout of giggles.

The stone, now hanging in the shadow cast by your body, is visibly glowing. It doesn't give off enough light to see by or anything like that, but it's enough that it's highly visible.

“What's up with this stone, anyways? Why's it glowing like that?”

Mato lifts you into a proper standing position and smiles. “It's a necklace of extended invisibility!”

… what?

You tilt your head, confused. You're very clearly visible- in fact, the stone makes you even MORE visible than you otherwise would be.

You don't even know what to say, here.

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You're just finishing the cooking of the last of the bacon when a pair of arms groggily wrap themselves around your waist.

Then, Mato buries her face in your neck and mumbles something about smelling food, before chewing on your shirt.

Actually, this isn't your shirt.

Did... did your clothes burn away last night?

The shirt is a simple white t-shirt that goes well with the simple black shorts that you're wearing.

The underwear you're wearing aren't yours.

You shudder a little at that, then bring Mato over to the table, where you present her with a full English breakfast to start her off.

She perks up immediately.

“You're the best, Akari!”

… Is what you think she said- her face was too busy being stuffed to properly relay the message.

You finish the preparation of the food quickly and take a seat opposite Mato.

She finishes her meal(s) before you finish yours, and gives her smooth, pale belly a rub as she leans back in her seat.

She squirms, slightly uncomfortable under your gaze. “Uh, Akari-chan? You're kinda... staring at me...”

What do you do?
>Blink a few times, shake your head, avert your eyes
>>Ask about last night?
>Continue watching the belly
>>Ask about last night?
>Apologize, go back to eating
>>Ask about last night?
>Something else (Write-in)


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