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>those who like [...] dating women
Bullshit. I refuse to believe there are men who actually enjoy dating women. It's all just an incredibly shitty means to an underwhelming end. Remove that end and even the biggest coomer wouldn't bother.

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Not him, but in the 80s there was this string of child abuse cases. Now everything about "The Finders" has been declassified and from what I vaguely remember they were basically a pedophilic Satanic cult that the CIA covered up for for... some reason. And pretty sure that at some point the US had some retarded plans to "demoralize" their enemies, including but not limited to
>Airdropping red paint over Mt. Fuji
>Projecting the image of Jesus over Cuba to tell the Cubans that communism has the Big Gay

If I wrote a Tom Clancy-esque novel where one of the plot points was the CIA sending a fake Muhammad to Teheran to convince the Muslims there that the Ayatollah has it all wrong, I'd be called a retard.

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>Playing Assassin's Creed II
>Have to deliver a letter to some farmer
>Read the letter
>Some guy is complaining about entirely ordinary farm stuff
>"I also recommend you read [passage from Leviticus]"
>Google that passage
>It tells you fucking animals isn't okay

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That's a funny joke ano-
>Google it
>It's legit
with every passing day, the line between memes and reality blurs ever further.

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>It's possible to be left wing while being anti-authoritarian
>Anti-authoritarian = good
>Authority = evil
>Antifa = lawful good
Nah mate.

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>This is the reason for all the proxy wars in the Middle East
I thought it was related to the US trying to secure the Saudi-Arabia/Jordan/Israel oil pipeline and its monopoly on oil in the region by ensuring there's such disorder in the region that any alternative pipelines can either never be built or are destroyed before completion, as well as protection of the petrodollar (both Saddam and Ghadaffi wanted to trade oil in other currencies than dollars. I think Ghadaffi wanted to trade in euros and Saddam in yuan or something?).

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>Relics grant various bonuses to casting except on Fridays. 90% of relics are fake though.

>Have the ridiculously OP power of changing perks every twelve seconds, offset by the compulsion to change perks every twelve seconds.

>Can set shit on fire and perform other clearly evil actions without ever being called out as evil because they once converted two orphans or something

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>The Joan the Arc creates so much awe to man that even a child rapist stopped doing what he was doing and helped her without second thoughts
To my knowledge nothing suggests that the historical Gilles de Rais and Jeanne d'Arc were close in any way, other than both fighting for the French side (one out of conviction, the other by virtue of being a noble).

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>Half-Races are only allowed if there is never any rape involved

Man, /tg/ has become reddit 2.0

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>the shit everyone points to when they say 3p shit is, of course, shit

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What on God's green earth is this? Is this supposed to be taken seriously?

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>a grand adventure featuring the most straight-laced, homophobic, autistic wizard and an Orc who is ridiculed for hating demons after everyone he knows is killed by demons
Yes, this campaign was going places.

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>There really weren't differences, that's the whole point of the Middle Ages. Most things stagnated
>Shit remained the same for a thousand years
>There were no advances in technology and metallurgy
>Major cities didn't arise in Italy during the High Middle Ages (which is distinct from the Early Middle Ages and the Late Middle Ages by being exactly the same as the other two)

Draper & White, please leave and don't come back.

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ESL here, what the fuck is "pear shaped" supposed to mean? I get what you're trying to say with it, but where did that expression come from? Is it because a pear looks like a dick and balls when you turn it upside down and squint a little?

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>They have to be in order to keep getting work.
If that was true, affirmative action and gender quota's wouldn't be a thing.

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>If you kill your enemies, they win
That's not how it works, Justin. Muzzies aren't moral/cultural relativists who just want to hold hands and smoke ganja, man! They're violent, expansionist savages from a culture very much unlike our own. Their culture revolves around honor, and has a strong in-group loyalty while having little to no concern for outsiders (Qu'ran 48:29). They are exactly the kind of peopel who will mistake kindness for weakness, and Europe has both in abundance.

Muslims are savages, and like many other savages they respect strength above all. What they want isn't "dialogue", it's not "mutual agreement", they need to understand who's calling the shots. If we repay blood with blood, if we crack down on Islam in the public sphere, if we make sure Islam and Muslims do not have any form of immunity to scrutiny, if we thoroughly and without remorse ridicule their backwards ideas, then Muslims will eventually figure out that our civilization cannot be subverted and back down. They will hate us but they will respect us, as opposed to the status quo where they smile in our faces but sharpen their daggers behind our backs. As long as we do not understand this, as long as we project our pathological altruism on a society that considers those outside of their ingroup to be lower than beasts (Qu'ran 98:6), we will keep losing this war.

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>For the price of a single spyglass you can feed a thousand starving peasant families
What retarded cartel runs this economy?

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>The barbarian splits the bandits skull
>A drop of the HIV-positive bandit's blood lands in the orc's mouth
>He now has AIDS, and two months to live at best

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>Venice is too strong. France, come help us!
>France is too strong. Venice, come help us!
>A Franco-Venetian alliance?
>Guys stop
>Stop hitting Switzerland, he's already neutral!

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I can't believe it's real!


You fucking retards!!

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This asshole keeps making the same character, and people keep allowing him to play it for some reason. It's pretty annoying.

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