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Back on topic, Corvids would obviously be the technologically advanced species, but also may be friendly to humans as we dont find them particularly tasty and think their fancy tech is neat.
Crocodiles would be the ancient empire that has somewhat stagnated for millennia, but not so much in the normal negative connotation, but more just they accomplished everything they set out to do and just haven't needed to change kinda way

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Anon please do and post it here

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>package is addressed to CMOT Dibbler

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>Nids vs. guard
Don't give me hope

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>>Antediluvian Biblical setting with a Western aesthetic; players might be cowboys herding aurochs to the great city of Enoch, bounty hunters trailing Cain, or explorers hunting for the forgotten Garden of Eden

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>Yawh thoth
>black bones draped in stolen flesh.

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How the hell does this magic system work I've read the passages for it five times and still can't make heads or tails of it

Spell points are used to augment spells but how do I know how many spells per day I can cast or what components they need or how many spells I have

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Quite a few gay guys, and a few trans also, not half that's for sure, but the few that are there do stand out.
But sometimes I think that we have more trans girls into 40k than actual cisgender girls.

It might be a failure of my perception or unreliable data that led me to this semi-conclusion.
Is there any data on the demographics?

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Please tell us, how much of a trainwreck it was?

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I would like to know more.

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I loved every part of this answer.

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>sweat smells like bacon

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Then what is it? I never played mothership zeta when I had fo3 on Xbox and I've pretty much broken my pc copy with all the mods

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So tell me PFG. what are the benefits of a bow vs a crossbow? I've been looking them over and can't really see a worthwhile difference.

Sure bows have more range but I can't even remember a engagement where we fought something that was more than 50ft away.

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So I've been running modules to get my group up to a certain level where I can run my own AP. I just finished tears at bitter manor and was thinking of running feast of ravenmoore next.

Anything I should consider or keep in mind? Is it a shit module? I've only glanced through it so far as I'm not running anything for several weeks yet

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