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Ok so I've been thinking thinking a lot recently about how I'd like to do gunpowder weapons as I'm generally pretty unsatisfied with rules for them that I've seen before. But my thought process to get where I am now is pretty layered, so I'd ask that you have so patience and follow me all the way through and then tell me how autistic my idea is.

One important aspect for example is that I KNOW that historically speaking, the idea that gunpowder weapons were significantly more powerful than more classical missile weapons is actually inaccurate. Bows, crossbows and early gunpowder weapons while all having their perks and negatives were about as powerful when it came to actual killing power, what lead to the dominance of gunpowder weapons was mostly their ease of use, not some kind of massive power difference, especially at first.
Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut, I'm not playing a realism game am I? The image most people have of gunpowder weapons is of them being significantly more powerful than other weapons, and that's the feeling I want to emulate, while still having them be balanced for the game. I want them to in essence be burst weapons.

I have this very specific image about gunpowder weapons of a pirate firing his pistol once before stowing it and fighting with melee weapons. As long as that example doesn't make sense I'm not really satisfied.

So after a lot of thinking this is the WIP template I came up with:

Flintlock pistol, 75 gp, 3d6 (no added damage) piercing (note: average is 10.5) , 3 lb, Gunpowder loading, Gunpowder ammunition , light, (range 40/260)
Flintlock musket, 150 gp, 3d10 (no added damage) piercing (note: average is 16.5) , 10 lb, Gunpowder loading, Gunpowder ammunition (range 80/320)
(Other possible gunpowder weapon variations)

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This isn't necessarily a game-killer, though. The key is to treat firearms as spells or combat resources rather than as full-on weapons.Early firearms can be treated as essentially Vancian magic for martial classes: an absurdly powerful attack that can be used about once per encounter.

I love the idea of playing a man-at-arms who fights with a saber and a pair of flintlock pistols; starts combat off by blasting the biggest threat visible with a chunk of lead the size of a baby's fist, then wades in to the melee to finish the job, saving the other pistol just in case shit takes a turn for the worst...

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