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To change the subject, lets have a Favorite Character calll-out.

So, who is your HDDF Waifu /tg/ and why?

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Naturally, Momuz was waiting for you lot to show yourselves. The moment you open up a firing slot into the rough stone wall, it's filled with the Forgotten Beast's ugly mug, made even uglier by its ruined ichor-leaking eyes- you can't help the shudder of fear that travels right up your spine and into the reptilian hindbrain that dispenses with the heroics and screams in primal terror, and you KNOW that it's going to let loose with a barrage of sticky webs that'll sentence you to a lingering suffocating death-

You drop the terror down a chasm and crush it with a drawbridge. Besides, unfortunately for Momuz, you lot were waiting for /him/.

One shot from your crossbow is all you've got time to fire, and although you're pretty sure it hit an eye, you just don't have the sort of immediate damage output that would kill it in one hit (barring ridiculous luck, of course).

But that's okay, because you've got your friends for that kind of stuff.

A roiling fireball of technomagic the size of- well, the size of /you/- briefly flashes past your face, raw energy packed with everything Rokko's got, and it all somehow fits into that dinky little firing slot you carved. Momuz's face takes the brunt of the blast, burning away its venomous ichor before it escapes out of the monster's broiling orifices.

Estelle's magic doesn't even need to pass through the fortification- there's the unmistakable crackle-hum of divine electricity, and THERE'S the searing light that somehow doesn't blind you or force you to shield your eyes. Lightning strikes underground and finishes what Rokko started, ending the bloodstained saga of Momuz the Forgotten Beast.

The Blue Bomber peers out through the firing slot, glowing eyes probably picking out details you don't have a hope of spotting. "M-Mission, accomplished."


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You are Rokko. Aliases include "Blue Bomber," "Rockman," occasionally "Super Fighting Robot." You are the moe personification of the Mega Man series. Currently suffering 28.6% damage, most of it superficial. This is within expected parameters. Quinte's repairs are appreciated, but rarely last longer than 48 hours of low-stress activity.

Today's events have not been low-stress activity.

You have seen Urist incapacitated. You have seen Estelle rendered largely inoperable. Where you used to feel nothing, you now feel your veins burning as if they were filled with gasoline. Irrelevant. You are the only one who is left, the only one with enough juice in her to complete the mission before you.

No problems detected. You will finish what was started. Sometimes, hope rides alone.

The charged shot should have rendered Keeper's head inoperable. It does not. That was anticipated, and you immediately follow up with constant pellet shots. Running forward to engage, as Keeper is most likely enraged- yes. She runs forward also, roaring irrelevant taunts and readying her scythe. This is also anticipated. Forestalling magic retaliation is of high priority, after witnessing the transformative effects on Urist's monster.


[ ] [BEAM SABER] Engage in melee combat. Activate different mode. Side effects annoying, but entirely within operational parameters. Uncertain if beam saber can trump scythe.
[ ] [KITE] Cycle through available weapons. Attempt to find weak point. Use to keep out of Keeper's range. Business as usual. Uncertain if Keeper carries higher evasive parameters.
[ ] [SOS SIGNAL] Stall for time. Activate emergency signal in attempt to attract nearby adventurers. Uncertain if adventurers are nearby or willing to help.
[ ] [BUGSTOP.EXE] High density of Urist's glitches in recent memory allows use of this. May cause an array of effects. Uncertain if this will not actually make everything worse.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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