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What are you new? There's always an initial wave of hype, followed by a massive wave of critique, followed by a general middle ground of acceptance.
Same thing happened with the Bladeguard.

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What is with GW's love for tiny shield chests used for jousting? It has crossed franchise boundaries.

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One step closer to Primaris'd version of MKIII

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Just wait like 5 years for Primaris to get more bits and customization.

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What do you think the Primaris versions of Sternguard Veterans will be like?

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How did the Vigilus Campaign end again? I know Calgar got his heart ripped out and Abaddon ran, but is it actually over?

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Imagine being a Space Marine and thinking that when you become a veteran you'll get to get some sick wargear and maybe become a Sternguard Veteran, but instead your chapter master makes you become one of these skull helmet useless fucks.

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>Cross the Rubicon firstborn, if you know what's good for you.

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Ignoring Primaris lore, the proportions and height for them make regular Space Marine aesthetics pop out so much more.

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