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And finally, the party's slut!

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Divine themed Barbarian path, a "Zealot" or some such. Can't cast spells, but gains magical personal favors when raging, like being coated in divine fire, or causing small earth tremors with their weapon swings.

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A paladin is a warrior chosen by the gods/a god traditionally in times of great need. They are more like the classic concept of "Knights Errant" and traditionally were bound to a particular code. Paladins typically are powerful combatants, and mechanically tend to have lots of support for these roles that change depending on the system. Typical abilities include a native ability to 'sniff out' evildoers, complete resistance to fear and certain magic, and the ability to essentially kill the shit out of bad stuff with god-given power. Later editions of certain games have flexed their codes a bit allowing for more interesting paladins however- ones with flexible or different morals or whatnot.

Clerics are always more flexible, and tend to focus more on spellcasting. They are usually devout followers of specific gods, and a lot of their power is derived from their deity of choice. Many clerics do likewise have training for combat, but narratively in most settings for every 'cleric' that takes up arms there are many more that live much more cloistered lives you could compare to a typical wizard, but with holy shit instead of whatever wizards do. Mechanically they tend to have the ability to cast a number of protection or enhancing spells (depending on the system), but certain derivatives do things like summon skellingtons or vomit fire if their god is into that shit. The ones who are so inclined have a strong connection with healing magic and could be easily described as healbots/buffers.

Long story short:
Paladin=Typical Fantasy Protagonist
Cleric=Jesus Wizards

Originally, Paladins were intended to be knights, and clerics were more of a witch-hunter type of class, but you can easily do whatever the fuck you want with them most of the time. For example, I'm playing a rather clever protestant Paladin in a 5e game that prefers to take his foes by surprise with traps and ambushes, and has a very "ends justify the means" approach.

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