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Oh wow

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You pull your flight trajectory into a tight circle, your own speed crushing gravity against your body- and you catch a glimpse of Mojang, impossibly holding an entire gob of arrows in her off-hand while somehow firing her trademark long bow one-handed. Somehow, arrow after arrow thuds accurately into the freakish arachnid; the sight of that physics-defying feat makes your eyes /hurt/, and you spare a moment to be immensely proud of your surrogate little sister.

And then you're swerving back around, falling in line with Purple Sister. You finally get a good look at that monstrosity she calls a weapon as she shoots explosions (not bullets, not high-yield bombs, but /explosions/). It's like someone welded the dumbest parts of a sword with the dumbest parts of a firearm together, and somehow got the best of both worlds.

"Oneechan!" Mini-Nep exclaims. It takes you a split-second to realize she's referring to /you/, but you shake off how surreal it feels. She continues speaking, all butterflies and sparklies and straightforward innocence-

"Let's burn this motherfucker to the ground!"

- and hilariously filthily-cursed violence that you wholeheartedly agree with, because fuck /yeah/.


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"... that was surprisingly dark!" Neptune chirrups, absolutely ruining the mood as she's wont to do. "But that reminds me-"

"Not now, Neptune," Blanc groans, massaging her temples.

"- I'm glad I kept my Key Fragment in my bedroom drawer!"

The goddess of Nintendo freezes. Slowly, slowly, she looks up, craning her neck as she stares at Neptune. "You what."

"I kept my Key Fragment! You know, the fancy Planeptune Key Fragment!" Neptune winks at Blanc and gives her a thumbs-up, and you shudder at what that vapid cuteness does to your body. "Never dump your key items, because you never know when they might become useful again!"

Blanc opens her mouth. Then, she closes her mouth. Eventually, she settles on the following: "Neptune, you're a genius."

"Don't you call me tha- wait, what?"

"You're a genius," Blanc repeats.

A slow grin spreads across Neptune's face, and she immediately elbows mini-Nep. "See? Your oneechan's a genius!"

"As expected of you, oneechan!" Mini-Nep dutifully chirrups, clasping her hands together. She looks so /proud/, so you let her have this fleeting moment of wonder. Poor girl'll learn the truth soon enough.


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>[ ] [UPDATE FROM HISTOIRE] Histoire can only expend so much energy staying awake, so you might as well check in on her while she's still lucid. You NEED to know how to get your body back, and to get Neptune back in her own.
Tonight shall be fun. I can feel it.

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