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Chaos Undivided is still canon in my heart.

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>yfw you are now wishing for GW to make female Space Marines, just to witness some autistic spergs losing it on /tg/

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>I feel like 99% of 40k non-battle fluff is really bad and underdeveloped. There is no such thing as a normal life for anyone that gets written about, except for some glimpses you see in Ciaphas Cain.
You are clearly not very familiar with the novels.
Read some books that aren't about the marines anon.

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>31-40: Xenophobic. Distrustful and always wary of outsiders, the group is often seen as cold or distant by others. Trade is hard, and diplomatic interactions are harder. Other cultural strains often run stronger in insular groups though.

>51-70: Distinctive Icon. A motif or symbol runs throughout the groups structures, clothes, and vehicles. Maybe it’s a specific animal or object, or maybe it’s something less specific like bullets or flames.

What are we, a Chaos Warband? Hmmm...

All right, 3d100 for appearances!

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