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Honestly, I saved it so long ago that I have no idea. A reverse search on Yandex will probably tell you though.

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GM here. My party is currently on a mission to make contacts/informants in the major cities of the area for their NPC wizard ally (and themselves too). I'd like travel through the world to be meaningful rather than just
>roll navigation
>You arrive after X days
I think I've figured out what makes it interesting; threat, complications, time limits (within reason), and discovery/investigation. So at the last city a noble tried to pick up the party's face who's basically Helen of troy tier beautiful and knows how to use it. One of the other party members is a 7 foot tall bull-man who objected to being called a ruffian by said noble, they duelled, the noble lost because he's not 7 foot tall. This gives me the threat/time limit. Next session they'll discover they're being pursued thanks to the contact they made in that city.

The setting is high fantasy in not!germany; there's dwarves, spooky elves, humans, and some not!muslim orcs
I'm planning to have a few complication events (that aren't just combat) happen as they travel, so I've got that side sorted out. But I can't come up with interesting things that they can find on the way. Though I've been a GM for a while I've rarely GM'd this kind of fantasy. What're some interesting things the party could stumble across?

Picture unrelated.

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Something like that? It's not cute, though. You have to be cute.

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Is it even worth watching/reading that at this point? Which is better books or TV?

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Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's busted.

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Q; where are catboys?
A: i don't follow

oh, look, a faggot.

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>thread about catpeople in armor
>suddenly kitsune shotafags pour in

did /pfg/ fell off the board?

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>My point was that they have a reason to exist in a setting other than to be fapped to, which you can't say about catgirls/boys.
As someone who ran several campaigns, two of them with people who do not like weebstuff, without any complaints, i absolutely fucking can and you cannot do anything about it.
There's no absolute arbiters of setting seriousness, It all comes down to author/GM.
I agree, though, that in 80-90% of cases catpeople are done terribly, but you can say the same about everything.

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anon, what the fuck are you talking about, i didn't mean sexual dimorphism, i agree that "females are catgirls, males are furry" dimorphism is retarded, i meant
what >>46639665 said.

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Humanlike catfolk are fine even in non - japanese settings. So, just don't make them cringey and be honest with your players, tell them you just like them aesthetically.

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(speaking from my setting)
"Catboys", like the rest of their kind, come from a semi-arid plain to the west called the Nerovenes. They used to control a decent chunk of the setting before the second War of Six Rivers. Now the seat of their empire might still be intact, but they lost almost half of their claimed land and now face economic problems and a string of weak emperors.

Culturally, they're a hardy and proud people who place great pride in taming the land. Their cities sprawl widely and are mostly made of local sandstone, giving off a Carthaginian feel. Marriage was introduced to them only 500 years ago and many still choose to take one partner after the other rather than a formal union. This trait, along with their general pride make them individualistic on the whole and ambition is one of their chief virtues.

Their religion is a holdover of their tribal days and is mostly seen as an excuse for throwing festivals. Priests are respected but hold no political power. Their myths mostly focus around lone heroes conquering great beasts or expanding civilization.

Slavery is legal but owning a Catfolk slave carries a social stigma to it. Like, "Why couldn't you buy a dwarf to build your structures? Why would you use your countrymen?". Unfortunately for them, after the war Catfolk slaves have become more common on other parts of the continent. Many of the catboys posted in this thread would be bedwarmers for debaucerous nobles in far-off capitals.

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>The Beastfolk are currently trying to set up their nation there. Nobody contests their claim since no nation can even pretend to have influence there. They're born as garden variety catgirls/boys but the males get hairy at puberty. Really hairy. And their snouts stretch out. So...basically werewolves.


Why can't we just have normal human-like catmen for once.

Look at this picture, it's not even that hard. But noooooo we must have some weird dimorphism because i am afraid of being called a faggot.

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Is your sarcasm detector broken?

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The ones with male counterparts who aren't either furry or fruitcakes.

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Also mancats who aren't
Because seriously, fuck pretty much every designer and artist who did catfolk ever.

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Well, it's CATastrophe-inspired, so catgirls/guys should be a given.

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Catboys a shit.
This world needs more catMEN.

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>not making badass catmen

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>all-girl setting
lame and boring.

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>felinids can be rogue traders too!

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The closest setting has to police force/army, roving bands of vigilantes on ships. Fight kaijus, scare off cleptomanders, "aggressively salvage" oldguards, while being THE LOUDEST PARAGONS OF HOT-BLOODEDNESS.

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