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Very yes.

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Got it, thanks!

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Does anybody have a black or grey armored knight, preferably on the more lightly armored side, with a halberd?

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>mixed in with the silly ones.
Not to invalidate the point, but those were taken from the last session.
(The wizard has "Saw and Plane Tree" and "Capture Wind" as his spells; he finds lots to do that isn't spellcasting)

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-points I don't understand or can't add anything to
>sperging about Vance
>sperging about HP
>handles race-and-class poorly
>casting dice are trash
>dooms/mishaps are trash
>too much storygamer stuff

I don't really have anything to engage with here.

-points I understand and agree with
>convictions are absolutely horrible
Agreed. They are a whackier version of alignment, they produce a lot of storygaming nonsense, and they don't actually help a character act on their motives. They're an entirely unnecessary subsystem designed to fix a problem that could be fixed with better GMing and better communication with players.
>unwieldy AC replacement
I'll agree with the unweildy part... but it's a small sacrifice to make everything work on the very intuitive roll-under mechanic. That's worth it. And once you run 1 combat with it it becomes second nature.
>"hair wizard"
Just because you can use the system to make silly things doesn't mean the system is bad. Is GURPS bad because they published GURPS: Nose and Throat Specialists?
>monster sheet uses weird symbols instead of something sensible
Oh yeah, Arnold's monster manual is awful. Symbols instead of text are silly and since he's the only one doing it it just slows things down. Nice idea in theory; bad execution in practice.

-points I understand and disagree with
>too high powered wrt HP
I think you're saying the PCs have too much HP? Doesn't seem to be the case in my games, but I did adjust the values down slightly just in case.
>1 save
Come on, anon. You know very well there's 7 at least (6 stats, 1 generic Save). And that's not counting Movement or Stealth. I understand that "Save vs Wand" nostalgia is a thing but I really don't get the appeal in a non-wargaming RPG.

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Well done, soldier. You've made /tg/ a better place, insofar as this half-shitposting half-meme thread can improve /tg/.

Cheesecake/waifu threads usually annoy me, but under the circumstances you're doing good work.

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Why is holy gun pally archtype bad? If I can get my GM to let the smiting shot be based off cha is it still trash?

I just want to revolver and shield, What do I do /tg/? GM said I could have shield prof (not tower)

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This is how I fighter

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Also, when did I think I would use this?

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Alright /tg/, I have a quandry. My players insist on 3.5e or 3.pf, but they're also fine with houserules. They're a really good group, rp-wise, but they won't budge on this. So what houserules will save this game?

Pic unrelated

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Also has a rockin white beard if that helps

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Let's talk about banana people.

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we keep fighting to find that answer

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>to crush your enemies
>to see them driven before you
>to hear the lamentation of their women

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Your question is so broad and poorly defined, it's essentially unanswerable.

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POst pics and discuss armors.

from more ridiculous to the efficent ones.

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Ultimate level armor.

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This is how I knight.

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Fuck Nexon for pissing all over that game.

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