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>When are they getting they getting fleshed out?

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>shit up

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This is MUCH closer to canon than whatever the fuck is being argued about in this thread.

Kerrigan was left behind because, when he died and was no longer sending the Zerg to be the army of some crazed fucking alien not!Reapers to have sex with, she would save the species and all that jazz.

The Overmind legitimately just wanted his beloved Zerg to not go extinct. Considering he's their god who was programmed to get them all killed (and was painfully aware of it as Zeratul's Plot-Device revealed), things kind of make sense.

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Come watch good movies with /pol/, /co/, /soc/, /tv/ and /mlp/, not /lgbt/ allowed.


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>>I ask what's up. He opens the trench coat.
>>live iguana in ass.

Was his ass on the front of his body?

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