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We all know lots of settings have secret societies. Did you join any of them?

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>the Benefactor was Bill all along

How spooked would you be?

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>IRC has been spreading the rumors about Anti-Spiral being chased by Nyarly

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I thought Red and Konata were the split personality?

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Say, how many of you Jumpers have been involved in conspiracies over the years? I know one Jump has a perk that basically makes you Illuminati, but what else?

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>Perk: Illuminati Confirmed [600 CP, discount Conspiracist] - You can prove anything with the right amount of circumstantial evidence. So long as you can make each piece of evidence you cite link thematically into a chain, you could convince leading scientists of complete nonsense - or a VERY bitter pill to swallow. They might not be stuck thinking you're right, forever, but someone will have to poke the holes in your argument to fish them back out of your mindset.

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Or DID we?

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