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>Imperial City
Blackwood – The sooner the supply lines are raided the more effective the siege shall be. Aphrodite’s familiarity with flying, Yagmurz’s werewolf form, and Cornerlia’s pirate history all factor into finding their trails and routes easily leading to a practical plan to hit the most amount of caravans no matter the conditions.
Horn – While the potential loss is there, the moral boost to both the entire legion and the many iceborns within its ranks make it a task worthy of doing. The added fire power during the siege doesn’t hurt either.

Siege – While the legate joined to help the Legion retake Nolvornia, she had a desire to see them take back their city on their own and went about helping through other means instead of being directly involved.

Ruling Class – Legate ends up telling Aphrodite to stay back and Cornelia takes to a sniper perch meanwhile the Legate, Sverker, and Yagmurz sneak in with some bombs to block off various entrances and weaken various key points in the temple. As it’s happening the legion’s vast numbers will surround the temple hopefully drawing out a good portion of the fighting force. After the bombs are set and one last bigger bomb is set to take out the foundation with the intention of collapsing the temple and ending most of the non-combatants quickly while whatever remains of the fighting force is picked off.

Purge – Similar to the previous operation, only the Legate directs Aphrodite to help with leading whatever clerics and healers they have while the Legate and the rest of the companions join with the legion to grind everything to dust and to hopefully lessen whatever guilt is felt.

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I stuck with the initial five monstergirl values, partly because I had more ideas for Lamia than Drider and partly because I'm not one to discard a character concept if I can help it.

(Big Friend) Rolled 1, 20, 4, 14, 7, 17 = 63 (6d20)
Name: Melissa Kokinos (Mel the Red)
Age: 7
Body Type: Overdeveloped - +1 VIT

STR: 8 (4+2+1+1)
VIT: 6 (4+1+1)
AGI: 4 (4)
MAG: 8 (4+3+1)
LCK: 4 (4)

Monster Type: Lamia - +3 MAG, +2 STR, +1 STR, +1 VIT. Fire & Ice Specs. Snake below the waist, often hungry and not especially picky.
Weapon: Mystic - +1 MAG Ouroboros Bracelet "Snake Charmer"
Transformation Phrase: "Guess it's time to shed this fake skin."
Outfit: Flowing - +1 STR A white sundress and matching hat. Easily stained, but slowly self-cleaning.
Powers: Regeneration - Boosted healing and mana recovery. Can spend mana to further boost healing up to almost instant. Great for long battles.

Melissa, more commonly known as Mel the Red, is a Lamia of unremarkable power who has gained some infamy among her city's Magical Girl population. Those that would hunt her have numbers on their side, but she knows the layout of her city well and has an excellent grasp of planning. Ambushes and traps, a fast healing rate, and the ability to wall off passages with fire and ice all lend themselves well to surviving against the odds.

Mel claims she knows all there is to know about the areas of the city the normals tend to shy from. To hear her tell it, every back alley and condemned building, plus all the sewers, basements, and other such underground hideaways are hers to use as she sees fit. For someone so keen on avoiding MGs, she has an uncharacteristic willingness to put up with Belinda. Mel is unrefined in her speech, a criminally messy eater, and from time to time, a messy eater of criminals.

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