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Roll: 8,15,19,19,12,4,6,9,18,2,7,13
Name: Lady of the Ladder
Age: 14
Body: Overdeveloped
STR: 8
AGI: 8
VIT: 8
MAG: 12
LCK: 8
Speciality: Corrupted
Corruption: Dark Magical Girl (Genetic Modification)
Weapon: Mystical (A bright pink staff made up of multiple squirming threads that causes a horrible pain in the back of the eyes of those, other than the owner, her familiar and those "touched" by her, who view it, that will always be ten times worse than the worse pain they have experienced and will linger for roughly thirty minutes after viewing)
Outfit: Skimpy (Dark Red and Black Striped Chitin Bikini (pic related), which lives and has a fleshy underside with mouths on the "sensitive parts" of the body, edgy and disgusting, wow!)
Power: Familiar (A Goose the size of an average two-story suburban dwelling with no legs, a belly that acts as a suction cup acts as a replacement, the ability to fly despite physics saying otherwise, the ability to vomit bile that ranks as a 0 on the PH Scale without harming himself, permanently at least, is completly plucked of all feathers, and a pissy attitude, like all geese)
Blood Magic
Spend Bronze to get Eternal Style (Originally Purification Artifact if you're too lazy to look and haven't memorized everything yet. You can see how that might be troublesome, yes?)
Enviromental Sealing
Healing Artifact (A human skull, bare except for its mouth, with it's infected gums and and rotten teeth, gushing blood at the slightest gust of wind towards, stinking like the high hells, the teeth looking more like swiss cheese than anything else, but despite all this, it's a miracle cure! You need to get the teeth out first, which usually give with nothing more than a little tap, then simply get the tooth into the patient somehow, you can be as rough as you need, that'll heal up too, but it'll cost more of your power)

I know I'm stretching it a bit, but why not?

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