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> Getting up in arms because your favourite metaphor for atomic bombs got turned into a hero
Although it's true enough that that movie does suck.

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Well when your junk hasn't worked in 500 years and is essentially a lump of cracked leather due to you escaping mortality as a deathless corpse, misgendering probably isn't something care about or even acknowledge.

Also check your eyes anon, that lich has narrow as fuck hips that are wrapped in splayed armour. Also the only reason you can describe them as 'hourglass' is because their lower torso consists of a spinal column and nothing else.

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Don't worry everyone, we can cure the mutations and cancer by eating the other guys.

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> She apologized for this and promised him that for any cybernetics she would come back to him.
This is also fine.
> At around 19 she began having trouble keeping up her outrageous sleep schedule without a stimulant. Ezri took to drinking caffeine 2 cups a day minimum. She got chummy with a local coffee shop owner that seemed to be able to give her information about the goings on at MITNT.
The nameless parade of friends continues. Say what ever happened to that 'underground crime organization'? Nobody knows. Ooooeeeeoooo~~
> Over the next year she did a couple very lucrative heists playing overwatch.
> She was part of a heist working for a female weapons dealer she had seen I the past, after a while she became friends as they always gave each other good terms.
Details and names continue to be forbidden I see.
She used the money from this to buy herself orthoskin a cybernetic arm spurs, a holdout pistol and most importantly a sniper.
Sure. That's shadowrunner-y I guess.
> Finally She made a special request for her Fake sin. It was the life she would have lived if her parents hadn’t died that day , a normal life. She keeps it as a reminder of what could’ve been.
This is kinda nonsensical and a big old ass-pull. Where is the build up?
> Shes 23 now and She hasnt worked for a while, she is going to need some cash soon to keep up her outrageous habits. She finds an add put out looking for people willing to assist someone for a price. She couldn’t exactly refuse work, so she showed up.
What outrageous habits? Not remembering anyone's name? Sitting in hospital corridors bleeding?

So to finish, this is an awful inconsistent and illogical mess. And a big pile of shame upon the DM that okayed this the first time.
I'm not adverse to having ridiculous things in my games, but if you bring me some jank you'd best be prepared to justify it to me until I've run out of things to ask "Why?" about.

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> Unfortunately they haven't seen him since morning when he'd escorted them to the home of the administrator of the village to explain that there had been a murder and that the Jade Magistrate was investigating.
> The administrator was hella rude and dismissive, offended that anyone was suggesting something was wrong in his village.
> While he couldn't do anything in the face of a JM with reason to investigate he had ordered the poor copper to walk patrols of the village all day.
> And so here is the guy again and the party mostly out of ideas.

It begins:
> The party flags him down and starts talking.
> The copper is reluctant to talk about what's going on with him but the dangerous beauty scorpion courtier just runs him over.
> So he spills his guts and explains that he'd been transferred here as punishment for a failure and that the admin had been threatening him with a bad report and preventing him from doing his job while treating him like garbage. Namely stopping him from investigating some disappearing peasants.
> So the party decide that the scorpion should go and see what info she can get from the admin.
> She cruises in and getting horrific good use out of her tech and dangerous beauty advantage seduces the admin and gets him to spill his guts. As in makes one contested roll so well that I just have to shrug and go 'well let me tell you all of the info now'
> She asks about the cop.
> Turns out the admin had requested a cop be assigned to the village as part of his preparations for a visit this winter from some powerful in-laws.
> He'd turned up and introduced himself in duty uniform giving a bad impression mad worse when days later he'd broken up a bar fight and one of the locals involved had a huge bitch fit about him.
> This convinced the admin that the poor copper was a mindless thug who had to be controlled.
> So when the threat of a bad report worked super well the admin just shrugged and kept using it.

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Yes but by the fluff that's what a good 98% of chaos is.

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Yes sir, got my face on.

I was about to complain about the numerous incorrect things in this image, but then it hit me.
This isn't an actual image of canon Cain, this is a piece of Imperial Propaganda featuring Cain!

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I've never looked that close at this image before, despite owning the book. But now that I have, holy shit Elminster's face.

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You've just gotta keep putting psykers on that fire, trust me that's how it works.

That makes a frightening amount of sense.
But also no sense at all.
I call Tzeentch.

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Excuse me, my fellow undead but I must point out that tragedies at New Londo and Oolacile are not indicative of the REAL nature of the Abyss and/or Darkness but were instead the products of Human greed gone awry. There is literally nothing wrong with either the Abyss or Darkness.

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