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Oh no, he's not playing this game with me.
I know exactly who's there! He's not fooling me!

"I said, 'Knock knock'."

As if by instinct; I grab Belle from my pocket and make a rush for the door!
Belle's heavy armor makes itself at home on my shoulders. Most importantly, her shield makes itself at home in my hands.

With a charge; I fly straight at the door!

My armored body flies straight through it!

Asai's form tumbles and spills head-over-heels as the barrier between us flies open!
He hits the ground HARD! With a very audible thud!

And.. He's not moving!
I think I just knocked him out cold!

Yes! Surprise attacks! Thank you for never failing me!

But- wait.
What if this is another one of his tricks, too?

I shouldn't get too close. I don't want a hand grabbing me or something.

Slowly, I step out of the door and observe his motionless form.

He's currently laying inside of the card-house. Sucking him back in won't do much good.
I have.. other cards though.

What should I try?

>Put him in another one of your cards (Which one, though?)
>Try putting him back in the same card, but tying him up with something!
>Surprise attack, again!
>Give the card to Mom, tell her to destroy it immediately!
>Try something else?!

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If Julie as much as shrugs, that coat is going to fall off of her back.
After that? I'm not sure. It's not certain what will happen if Asai sees that one of his coats fell off, will he threaten Kaori? Will he try to have it re-attach itself? Will it come after ME?

I don't know the answer of these questions, right now I rather not think about them.

"Your plan, tell me now. I know you have one." Kaori says, slight annoyance in her voice.
"I'm going to pretend I have a plan!"
"No, Masami, Don't!"

"ASAI! YOU HEAR ME?!" I stomp my foot in anger. "YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME!"


"You threaten me, you've threatened my family, you even threatened the school I go to." I brandish Belle's sword.

My eyes scan the park, scan for some volatile. Something that would make me seem way stronger than I am.
Cut down the statue? Nah.
Power lines? That would be dangerous.

I notice a set of sprinklers. Each one coming across this exact point where I'm standing.

Twirling my sword around several times, I point it upwards.
"This is a direct attack on my family. Maybe you don't think much of me, which is why I want to make it clear to you. I will send you to the depths of hell if even a hair is harmed on Kaori!"

I take the sword, with all of my might, I slam it downward into the pavement.
As if rehearsed, every single sprinkler-head in the park explodes into a fountain of water. Tiny plastic pieces rain down from above.

The noise, the sound of dozens of tiny sprinklers erupting all at once, is deafening. My ears ring momentarily, glass windows shudder from blocks away, nearby car alarms start to shriek.

Kaori's mouth is agape.
"(How long have you been able to do that!?)"

I look over to where Julie was standing. She's gone, a misplaced layer of softened concrete rests on the sidewalk.
She got away.

"(Now what?)"

>Wait for her to go get help
>See if Asai shows himself
>Screw him, let's get out of here!
>Keep taunting

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We carefully approach the Gym, and scan the outside for anything waiting to pull me in.
"(I don't see anything)"
"Mir, I hate asking this, but can you use your 'ability' to poke your head in and see what's in there?"

"(Masami, first rule of being stealthy: You can't be stealthy if they know you're coming.)"
"Well! Um!" I try to think of a way to at least have a look inside. "There's a backdoor! Let's go try that!"

We walk around to the other side of the Gym, it's a more overgrown and lesser-known section of the building. Fortunately, no one seems to be around or waiting for us back here.

Better yet: The door back here has been propped open with a rock.

"This is perfect!"
"(I don't know, suspicious that this is propped open, but-)"

Mir's shadowy hand points toward something.
"(That window is propped open. I can slip in through there and exit through the door)"

I give Mir a boost as she shuffles up the wall and disappears through the window.
The door quietly slides open, and then back to it's resting position.

"See anything?"
"(There's three things in there, Maeda and Ryouta, one is a monster."

A monster? Darn!
"What is happening right now?"

"(Maeda is standing, facing the front door. Ryouta is immobilized. The monster is on the top floor)."
"What do we do!?"

"(Why are you asking me?)"

Okay, okay. I know what to do. It's crazy, but I can't let the monster taunt me with whatever trap he has planned.

No! If I'm going, I'm doing it now!
"DYNAMIC ENTRY!" I shout, pointing toward the door!
"(What?)" Mir cocks her head as I grab her!


"What?" Maeda asks, confused.
"What the-" is as far as the monster gets before my shield smashes him straight through the top window!

"W-w-w-w-w-w-" Maeda is studdering. Mir has disappeared.


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"Stop! There's no reason for us to fight!" I yell.
By the look on Marie's face, she seems to violently disagree.

But Julie is right, the adults are near and they'll make everything better! Right? I mean, they have a plan after all!

"Julie! Haruko! Put your weapons away!"

I shift Aiko's weight in my arms, slinging her behind me where I'm shielding her.
Which is good, I'm just in time to watch Marie's hand start to glow once more.

Quickly reaching into my pocket, I pull out Belle and feel her armor overtake me. The shock of the massive shield in hand nearly causes me to fall over. Marie notices my weakness and charges.
I slam the massive tower shield down and prepare for impact. Marie cares little about the massive hunk of infused metal and slams into it.

Even though the metal is strong, much stronger than Marie attack, it's still enough to nearly snap my tiny arm in two. The force of her magically infused punch combined with her bodyweight is too much!

My front foot remains strong, but my back foot didn't choose very strong ground to stand on. The soft patch of dirt underneath my foot gives way, and I find myself falling to the ground.

Something catches me.
"MOM!" Aiko yells, pushing as hard as she can against my back to right my balance. "STOP THIS! PLEASE! THIS IS ENOUGH! I'LL DO ANYTHING YOU ASK, JUST DON'T HURT MASAMI!"

Marie is still straining against the weight of my shield. Quickly, she draws backwards.

She stands over Aiko's still-discarded shirt. With a swift movement, she picks it up off the ground.
Then I remember, getting hit by that shirt is very bad. I wonder if the charm can go through metal?

>Time to go on the offensive!
>No! No fighting Marie! I have to find a way to block this!
>>Like maybe trying to grapple the cloth away from her!
>>Hit it with my shield! It can't go through metal!
>>Evasive action!
>>Julie, Haruko, Any ideas!?
>Get Aiko and run!
>Everyone! Back!
>Use a card!

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"A wall?"

I may not be able to do much, but I can do something about a big mean wall!
"Step aside!"
"Oh no, you're not gonna-"
"Uh, Masami? What are you doing?"

I feel Belle take her place on my shoulders as I take out her greatsword.

"Watch this!"
"Aiko, cover your ears." Julie steps back to shield Aiko.


The barrier in front of me shatters as Belle's sword cleaves straight through it!
It felt, surprisingly soft. Like it wasn't reinforced or anything.

The wall crumbles, leaving only an inky blackness on the other side.
The voices, in the distance, begin chattering and talking even louder than before!

I take out my phone, hoping to call Kaori to at least get a sense of which direction I should be going in.
No service.

"Julie! Can you get us to those voices?"
"Sure, if they don't move.." She cracks her knuckles as she walks forward, sword drawn.

She seems to be ready for a fight, whatever those voices are.

We follow closely behind Julie as she feels her way through the darkness. Eventually, she comes to a stop.
"This is the place, get ready."
I hoist Belle's sword onto my shoulder. Aiko seems to step back and allow her fists to glow.

Before I have any second thoughts, Julie kicks open the door and rushes in! I follow closely behind her!


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This is a problem.
I really don't know anything about fencing! I'm not even sure how I know what kind of stance he's taken up. Maybe I saw it in a movie a long time ago? I don't understand.

Again, another jab narrowly misses me. Julie's sword isn't quite cutting it against this.
Fortunately, I happen to have a backup just in case of something like this.

Thinking of Bel's vestments, I concentrate and swap out Julie for Bel. Something that I didn't really think I could do while still under the power of the speed card.

He sees an opening as Julie's outfit melts away and is replaced with Bel's heavy armor. Quickly, he moves in with another flurry of jabs.

Just in time for Bel's shield to materialize and for each one to bounce uselessly off her heavy protection.
With a speed-enhanced swipe, I go in for the counter. The much heavier sword pulverizes his spindly sword as-

It hits nothing.
How did he do that? Can he turn invisible? It's like a large blob moved straight out of my line of sight.
So, does that mean he- EEK

Quickly sweeping behind me, my sword knocks the rapier away from my outer thigh as I spin around to face him a second time. Somehow, he had rotated all the way around me without me noticing!

"That is a point for me, Priestess." He says, bending the blade of his rapier. "That heavy armor trick would have got me if I was an ordinary fencer."

How did he get over here? Unless he.
He jumped over me. I'm not sure how I didn't notice. But he leapt directly behind me for that stab.
He's gone again, but this time, I'm ready.
With a 180 degree spin, I twirl around and make direct contact with his just-landing leg. My sword knocks him prone with a whallop.

He springs to his feet, dancing lightly on his toes.

For someone so huge and powerful, he is really fast.

>Change tactics?
>New Card combo?
>New plan of attack?
>Maybe go on the offensive?
>Or maybe see if he's silly enough to try that again?

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He rebounds on his back foot, and his axe slams down onto my shield. Really, I'm just glad that he's continuing to focus on me, because I don't think anyone else could take even a few seconds of this.

Ryouta tries for another hit on his flank, but grazes off the tough metallic exterior. Ken goes in for a kick, connecting with his back leg and shattering a section of the armor.

This new girl, on the other hand, does something impressive. She concentrates into her palms for a few short seconds before directing them at the monster.
Even though I saw nothing come from her palms, the monster starts to break apart at the seams all the same. With a horrifying wrenching and crack, half of the monster splits apart. Leaving bits of wire and metal dangling as the monster struggles to compose itself. With a screech, it manages to pull the gaping hole in its shoulder back together.

>Finish it off?
>Keep tanking

>Roll 1d20 + 5 again

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"Oh! Right, speaking of which. Ryouta was trying to call you."
"Hmm? What did he want?"
Suzu puts on a stupid grin, she leans over and nudges her sister's shoulder. Which puts a very sour expression on Aiko's face.

"He can't find Maeda, and speaking of which; I was going back to school to help look for her. Want to come along?"
"Uh, sure!" She gets up, "Let me go get dressed first."

She takes a few steps away from the table, before immediately doubling back and grabbing her phone. She eyes her sister suspiciously as she only giggles in response.

It must be nice having siblings.


"I'll be back!" she shouts, as her sister closes the door behind her. Several clicks sound off from the door's locks.

She sighs and turns back to me, "Okay, what's this really about?"
"Well, Ryouta and Maeda were told there was another creep hanging around school."
"Mm hmm, and?"
She doesn't seem very surprised by that.
"So Maeda and Ryouta broke up to search the schoolgrounds, but Ryouta wasn't able to find her. So I thought all of us looking would go faster."
"Okay, that sounds good."
"Oh! and also."

I take the newest card I got out of my pocket. With a flick of my wrist, I can suddenly feel the weight of the extremely sturdy armor against my skin.

"I drafted my first card! What do you think?"

She doesn't say anything, but I'm pretty sure I can see stars in her eyes.


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The first thing I create is a flower, a lovely pink rose. Creating it was remarkably easy, it was as easy as simply telling myself that I have a flower in my hand. I hand it over to Mom.
She smiles and pulls me into a hug, "You're very good at this. You're even able to determine what color it was."

"Hehe, Thanks Mom." I say, now it's time to think of something else.

Something big, something that I could seriously use. Last time, my friends were getting beat up pretty badly. What was it Haruko told me?
'Find a safe place?'

I picture the safest possible place imaginable, the waves begin to ripple and tear. Something is rising from the water that we're both standing on.

The waves part, and a roof pokes above the rippling lake. Slowly it starts to rise from the water. Suddenly buttresses are visible, then walls, then doors. Before Mom can even say anything, we are suddenly inside the walls of an entire stone fortress.
I look over to Mom, I can see the visible shock on her face.

As a final touch, another clothing rack pops up in the center. On it, a set of armor specifically molded to fit my body sits. A sword and a very large, very sturdy shield lay against it.

Even though I'm suddenly aware that this took a lot of energy out of me, I can't help but brag a little.
"What do you think?" I ask Mom.
Turning to her, I'm suddenly aware that this is something that seriously impresses her. She creates a couch under her and falls onto it, her mouth agape at the scenery that I've created.

I hop onto the couch and grab her into a hug.


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