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Grimgar of Ash and Fantasy
Alternate title: Grimgar of GOBLINS and GOBLINS

It's like Goblin Slayer if everyone was incompetent. I liked it though

Don't watch it for based Barbara though. She only shows up for like two minutes in episode 1, two minutes in episode 7 or so and like 15 seconds in the finale.

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>What do your characters do as they settle down together to rest and relax out of their armor?
Cuddle. What else?

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>Seen a few webbums
I have a few of them, and they're easily accessible after I started autistically reorganizing my 4chan folder with sub-folders.

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She only shows up in three episodes though, and barely gets any screentime in them.

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>distract a guard
A woman can do more than that. Do you know what innocent, meaningless, extremely flattering and irresistable question reveals one of the most fundamental parts of the security system of the place he's guarding?

"Want to get a drink?"
From his response (and some follow-up questions if needed) you can discover what time he gets off. In other words, what time the guard changes ie. what time the guard is at its most vulnerable

Nobody will suspect a thing.

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