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also baby monsters are appreciated

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also remember to include miniature versions of everything posted so far

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awww yiisss

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This is how I druid

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I wasn't able to make the Prerelease, but come release weekend I hope I pull this little guy right here!

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Have they released a unified setting book yet?

I want to learn more about the setting, but the last time I checked, everything was spread out over a ton of books, with very little in the way of a "This is our setting. This is what an Ogor is. This is how the Realms work. Have some history on the world.".

Also, if nothing like that is out yet, is there any idea of when that will come

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I see what ya did there, guys.

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Bloody? Why would it be bloody? I only make nice, cute, and fluffy things, like kittens. Look how harmless he is. Do you want one? I have too many and would be glad to share.

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Pic related is best animal companion/familiar/pet or best animal companion/familiar/pet?

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Found this cute kitty. I give it away for FREE. I REPEAT: FOR FREE. Its very cute and also pretty cute.

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There's so many more 'best parts' than that.

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full art is just precious

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