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SIA Bolter

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We're all gold on the inside

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>do you sell recasts?
>of course, I'm a pirate!

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>20 CSM
>5 terminators
>5 havocs
>2 obliterators
>2 greater possessed
>1 termie sorcerer
>1 master of posession
>1 venomcrawler
>1 forgefiend

What are the weaknesses of my army if I go with black legion? Or any weaknesses in general?

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Post your models, anon!

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tabards, it makes them much cuter

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because they are designed as an introductory army, hence the bigger models, flat and not heavily detailed surfaces and etb kits, no loadout options straightforward listbuilding and good guy attitude
newer primaris are slowly moving away from this tho

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This sounds frickin wack but I love the idea

I like what you’re thinking anon

Thanks bros, this has give me some good ideas. I think overall I’m leaning towards DG as my plan for playing them and the models I’d get to paint and build would be more interesting then BA, worst case I start 2 armies. Thanks bros

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I’m excited to start my BA army :D

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