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Ok, this thread made me move my ass and buy black paint. Turns out several LGSs in my city run out of Abaddon Black, because GW stoped supplying it in January, so I got some alternative.

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Don't let your legs hang off of your bed at night for too long. Something might... GRAB THEM

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They tried to ET 40k, and at first, it looked like they would succeed. Chaos was beating the Imperium like a hungry schoolyard bully beats the autistic class nerd (mostly because the guard players kept meming off suicidal attacks), but then the Eldar swooped in. Their players were a bunch of tryhards, and did so well in the campaign that they managed to not only push back the chaos warrior, allowing the Imperium to retake Cadia, but also take over large segments of the Eye of Terror. It's also where Eldrad cut off both of Abaddon's arms. Really, most of our "incompetent" 40k faction memes can be traced back to the 13BC. In response, GW issued a series of retcons making the Eldar lose very badly and pathetically. Since then, the Eldar have suffered a long string of humiliating defeats as the 40k whipping boys.

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they should replace failbaddon with a more credible threat whos with me!

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Nth for Bananamen Bullets can open doors

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Why does he have the top knot?

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Just like the empty spaces on both sides of your body.

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I don't know where to ask this question /tg/ so please forgive me but are Arabs like Orcs from 40K? here are some similarities.

Only the strongest most brutal Arab can rule.
Every time he kills someone that can challenge him to a fight he grows stronger.
When the leader is killed all Arabs from his clan start attacking and killing each other until the strongest leader emerges victorious.
Islam is like a giant WAAAAAAAGH everyone starts shouting Ali baba trying to make their guns shoot faster.

inb4 >>>/pol/

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(Spoiler probably) With the recent White Dwarf leak also leaking Cypher this rumour that came out recently seems to be true about Abaddon seems to be true! SO we know that Abaddon attacks Ultramar but it is rumoured he might manage to make it to Terra and either on Terra (more likely) or Ultramar Abaddon is put down like a dog by Cypher with his bolt pistol. I don't know any more details but rip Abaddon.This could be fake but with all other rumors coming true recently like with the Primarchs (Guilliman) returning then this could very likely be happening sooner rather than later.

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Nah, no plastic model.

Celestine looked at him and his arms fell off. GW decided he didn't deserve a new model.

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I know. Just being an ass.


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>With what hands?

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>combined arms detachment

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Hey guys, do you want a lend of this uncorrupted STC I found?

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Ghaz: "OI, SPIKY 'UMIE!"
Abby: "Look, brothers! the ape speaks! what a pathetic cre-"
Abby: "O-o-owwwwwwww!"

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Christmas balls! He's at it again!
What is this now? The thirteenth time?! And what are YOU doing, you red circus-fuck? Did I fucking say you could No-Wolves Fenris?! Why aren't you schooling this guy on why he doesn't deserve arms?!

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Ooooo maaaa gaaaaawd


Ok just don't tell my mum

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-Chaos Lord 147pts
terminator armour, combi-melta, lightning claws, melta bomb, gift of mutation, combat fimilair
-Socerer 160pts
lvl 3, terminator armour, spell fimilair, gift of mutation

-10 chaos marines 203pts
power weapon for the champion, two plasma guns, close combat weapons
Rhino transport 45pts
dirge caster, dozer blades
-15 cultists 83pts
1 flamer, 8 autoguns

-5 terminators 187pts
heavy flamer, two combi-meltas, one lightning claw and one power fist
-hellbrute 105pts
reaper autocannon

-3 bikers 120pts
power weapon, gift of mutation, two meltas
-5 raptors 145pts
mark of slaanesh, power weapon, gift of mutation, melta gun

-5 havocs 105pts
three autocannons
-forgefiend 200pts
three ectoplasma cannons


The lord and the sorcerer deep strike with the termies while the chaos marine combat squad and go in the rhino, the champion jumps out with his four boys while the plasma guns fire from the safety of the rhino, good?

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>Abbadon 'the armless' dies by getting run over by an Ork
I would love it if the 13th black crusade ended this way.

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Whose the one who cut his arms off? Ultimately though, even a primarch can fall under enough firepower. If Abaddon is faced without enough opposition (and not just dueling 1v1), he can be taken down.

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