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>GMing Sunday night session
>Have mystery/investigation session planned
>4th level PCs are invited to the local Governor's dinner party because they killed an ogre that was terrorizing the countryside
>Governor's son drinks a cup of wine and succumbs to deadly poison
>Before he dies, he shouts that he "should have known--!"
>Cleric runs up to prince
>I, the GM completely forgot the Revivify is a 3rd level spell this edition and the individual players have way more than 300gp on them at this point
>Governor's son is completely fine
>Check notes, he knew who the killer
>Call 15 minute break

The break is right now. You guys have 10 minutes to bail my stupid ass out of this.

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Wow, it's a good thing OP was so very wrong, otherwise you might have to defend your opinion, heh! C-Close one!

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>2+ years campaign
>60+ seshes under our belts
>story has become a convoluted time-travelling, multiverse spanning mess

Can I go back to when they were hunting a monster for a village, slinging off little dinky spells and doing one attack per round?

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I already did, anon. Seven years ago.
Furfaggotry is a slippery slope

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>t-those are just fine

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>Draw opening hand
>4 lands
>3 cards with matching colors and CMC <4
>No lands for 10+ draws and several cards that cost more than 4
That's when you know you fucked up

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>this thread

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>DFC supposedly shipping SOON (tm)
>No news in a bit
>Jonesin' for that plastic crack

Come on Hawk man, you gotta come through for me.

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>half of MSRP
>Time to dodge asmodee price hikes
>But you'd still be buying Asmodee products

Don't tempt me anon...

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>fertility goddess.

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>Online GM is a cool guy that just is a bit too lewd sometimes
>GM tries to magical realm my character
>"She tries to dominate you"
>Tfw that Clear Spindle Ioun Stone resonance was the best investment ever

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>mfw my favorite board's cheeky fantasy racism is revealed to be full-blown actual bigotry

It's... It's just a /pol/ attack, right?

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Not sure who I feel more sorry for, the kid or the parents. Seeing shit like that is what makes me terrified of the concept of having children.

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Anyone else daydream in the shower or something about taking something like Mono-Green stompy to a SCG open and just demolishing the place with it? The commentators being skeptical at first but then losing their shit as I drop a double aspect of hydra onto an unblocked creature for game.
Maybe I'm just an autist.

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It's definitely not a crop from the Shadowrun porn thread we had on /aco/, post number 671979, I'll tell you that right now.

Frankly, I'm insulted that you asked.

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>You know which one you like.

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I have no magic cards at all. I like trying new decks and playing with different cards. I thought about improving one deck but I think I might get bored of it and would rather spend the money at first to get a wide collection of different decks.

I don't really know which one I like to play. I want the cards but it seems expensive. I can get the 10 decks for $300 for 1000 cards.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.

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I have no comment and would like to speak with my legal representative.
I am also legally obligated to inform you that I'm a registered Magical Crossbreeding Enthusiast.

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N-no...no, of course not! Why would I ever do something so gay?

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>Bidding on some warhams on ebay for KoW
>Auction doesn't end till Wednesday

God damn I hate ebay, I can't survive with my anus this puckered till fucking Wednesday.

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I think a big part of it is some kind of weird fucking narcissism complex. I need to culture a persona around people that I know they will respect and like. Probably comes from the fear that if they really knew me, they'd hate me. Has anybody overcome this? I try to be myself, but invariably someone will give me a sideways glance, and all confidence will shatter and I'll return to a persona.


Oh, it's definitely money. I've been poor before. Fucking sucked. Mostly because money represents freedom and not feeling scared.


Good on you, mate. You sound like you have a good approach.


Yeah, this guy seems to get it. Why are we so scared, man?

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Allegedly theres a Ex3e coming out too, but who the fuck knows at this point.

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