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I am totally fine with it, can use it in my cadian army.
My only grip with it: finecast. FUCK finecast

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yeah sure I keep stuff around from a month ago, believe me or dont
I dont know either if they actually meant what they said or if its just PR bamboozle.

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>FW quality

My favourite

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But copies are ILLEGAL? Surely you wouldn't hurt honest, official business. Anon?

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>Thoughts on this?

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no wait, I found the 2 heads, where the fuck is the rest

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>what about as-expensive-as-gold high quality FW resin?

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I would really like to know if someone mailed them one of their own finecast models.

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>direct service


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>Legit enough to send them your money?

You get what you pay for.
In my opinion its fine, you have clean them way more and correct some minor mistakes like bend resin but overall and if you dont try to play at your local GW store? Sure why not, if you want the real thing, though, go for FW.

Also this is quite funny, saw it last thread but forgot to reply.
I mean GW is right here but on the other hand they really underestimate the quality of chinamodels.

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But anon, pic related.

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WD 310

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But counterfeiting is wrong.

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