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ITT : Derailment

>Party has to stop this guy breaking into ancient vaults and gathering super weapons
>Manage to beat him to the next vault, camp it for a week, setting traps
>MFW they've forced a fight with the final boss on like the fourth session of the campaign
>Shrug, draw out the map, give them his stats, roll everything open
>3 level 6's plus a gold dragon wyrmling vs 3 level 5's and a level 10 decked out with magic items
>Dice go horribly against me
>All the minions fail all of their checks against a dc 13 fear from the oathbreaker paladin
>Their pet dragon recharges his fire breath round 1, they fail all 6 dex saves
>Party passes 5/6 dc20 banishment checks (one of the plot macguffins)
>They down everyone except the enemy Champion, including the BBEG, they're all bleeding out, party is practically unscathed
>The enemy JRPG party starts throwing potions around because no one was coup de grace'd
>Ended up having to action surge to recast banishment
>Finally get most of the party in the shadow realm, and kill the guy who wasn't
>But there's only like 6 rounds before the party all falls back out
>The enemy fighter is dead, the enemy cleric has no spells left, the enemy rogue is at 1 hit point from a nat 20 DST, and the BBEG has no spell slots left
>All the BBEG can do is crack the vault and flee before banishment ends
>MFW he had to give the party the treasure vault in order in the hopes of killing and robbing them later
>MFW I was expecting a TPK
>MFW I had to have the party warlock's patron show up to make sure they didn't just flee to the ass end of no where with the treasure, never to be found again

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it's a sword, because magic is for women and faggots

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Does anyone know where I could get red blue card sleeves. I'm trying to put together a Blue/Red Dragon/ Drake deck and it would be nice if I /tg/ could help. From what I remember /tg/ is the nicest board.

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Aw shit, I would crap my pants off.

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