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>Your party reaches the end of a dungeon and finds the treasure room
>one ancient artifact catches the eye of two party member who grab it at the same time
how do you decide who gets the object?

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They have, and they take pity on you.
Yeah, I don't really get that statement.
Well, maybe I do, if they're bad at it. I had a recent campaign started with a brand new GM, and in our first session with 1st level characters. he gave out 2 busted magic items.
One was an Ioun stone that a random bugbear had and gave us just for talking to him instead of killing him on sight.
The other was a cup that was always full of endless water or any alcohol you desired that the level one thief swiped out of the backroom of a jewelry shop.
Oh wait, I forgot. There was a third item. My priest of luck also found a ring of protection for sale in that shop for a gold, which I ended up winning for free after a rigged game of chance.

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Post your original or favourite Magic items !

it must be


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Hey /tg/, I need some ideas for human specific magic items. Doesn't need to be anything amazing, just thematically human. We all know what elven or dwarven artifacts look like, but what's a human artifact like?

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>player asks for a talking sword
>give him one
>it screams constantly during combat
>player doesn't seem to mind
>it gives advice to bad guys and anyone in general who might want to cause the player harm
>doesn't mind
>fuck this guy must really like his talking sword
>one day he forgets to polish his sword before turning in
>sword gets pissy and refuses to crit
>player gets ass blasted and throws his sword into a river

Party brings it up from time to time, like when he rolls dice poorly they ask why they're mad at him.

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Let's have a magic item thread, /tg/.

Tell me about the magic items in your game. What are they like? Are they simple +1/2/3 pieces of gear, or do they have unique effects and active abilities? Do your players find them in dungeons or do they have to build them out of raw materials? Is each magic item unique or can you find more than one of each? What is your favorite magic item that you either made or had a character wield?

Not limited to magic items. We can also talk about flavor items, cursed items, macguffins etc.

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What is the best magical item you have ever found? What did it do and how was it awesome?

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